15 Cozy Bedrooms That Nail the Farmhouse Aesthetic

There’s more to the classic farmhouse design than just the white wall and wood that has been weathered. It’s possible to incorporate a range of textures, colors, and finishes. Whether you prefer a room with warm neutrals or colorful accents doesn’t matter. It is possible to bring a rustic look to your home by drawing inspiration from these rural spaces. We’ve gathered our top ideas for decorating your bedroom that effortlessly mixes rustic design with modern elements. Each design features details, rec, claimed building materials, and antique furniture to create a not cookie-cutter style.

Modern Farmhouse Makeover

You can create a modern farmhouse appearance by layering old items and industrial pieces over a whitewashed color scheme. This bedroom achieves this look by combining an open barn door that slides down and a distressed bench with more modern furnishings, including modern midcentury pendant lighting. A couple of pops of blue and orange light the space.

Timeworn Elegance

A striking wicker chandelier lights up the serene farmhouse bedroom. The main highlight is the DIY headboard. The reclaimed fence posts in the room perfectly match delicate gold with floral details throughout the space. Explore other ways to integrate the reclaimed wood and think about the impact of mixing it with a splash of blue robin’s egg.

Classic Country Style

Avoid matching sets for bedrooms when you’re embracing the farmhouse look. The most beautiful rooms appear like they’ve been remodeled in the past, like this one, with a group of distressed dressers, bed frames made of metal, and vintage drapery hang-backs. The shams for pillows made of burlap add a rustic style.

Industrial Intrigue

If you’ve ever watched the show Fixer Upper, You’re aware that the shiplap-style walls are a common feature in farmhouses for the clean, crisp lines they create in a space. (And you can put up a wall in just one morning.) The shiplap can be paired with excellent concrete flooring, a quilted bed, and a rug to create the perfect ranch-style retreat.

Americana Accents

Are you in search of ideas for a rustic bedroom for your children? There’s no better combination than the colors of white, red, and blue. The patriotic hues in the bedroom’s bedding and rugs honor the rustic lifestyle and brighten the white. A Dutch door is a classic farmhouse design element.

Cabin Escape

With a forest-themed wallpaper and ceiling paneled with cedar, it’s no wonder this rustic bedroom is reminiscent of an old-fashioned cabin. It strays away from standard lighting fixtures by adding an exciting chandelier and glass pendants in green. Fur pillows and frames for upholstered beds help soften the appearance.

Coastal Influence

The colors are reminiscent of the ocean. The light and airy bedroom is reminiscent of an idyllic seaside retreat. The red spots on the light-colored quilt and the lightweight blue bed frame are subtle contrasts to the beige furniture. A reclaimed timber ceiling beams, decor inspired by shells, and an unassuming seagrass rug carry the nautical theme.

Scandinavian Stunner

If you’re not a massive lover of kitsch and country, do as the Danish are and create your cozy hygge by creating a warm but minimalist farmhouse bedroom. Geometric fabrics work well alongside white walls, and accents from thrift stores (like the vase turned into a pitcher) give a timeless rustic appeal. Black sconces with a matte finish add a contemporary addition.

Farmhouse Textures

Set a tufted velvet headboard with a mix-and-match of burlap throw pillows for a fascinating mix of country and glamour. The gorgeous fabric contrasts beautifully with the white walls and the linen bedding. Find a wooden stool, which can serve as a table for a bed, topped with accessories to add personality.

Layered Neutrals

The basis for the French provincial-style bedroom begins with cool grays, eggshell whites, and warm hardwood flooring. With that background, rustic bedroom furniture, such as a distressed bench, stands out. Finds and treasures give a vintage feel, like the vintage-styled dress framed and photographed in a sepia tone.

Better in Blue

While we adore the white walls commonly of farmhouses, we love the color. This bedroom has an edgy navy blue hue and weaves it with a vintage rug and frames for wall art. The room is brightened with an upholstered bed frame made of soft gray, a clean white ceiling, and trim.

Boho Farmhouse Mix

Give a romantic touch to your bedroom in the farmhouse style with accents of purple and pink. Pink and purple hues repeat throughout the bedding, area rug tables, lamps, and cushions. A hanging Rattan chair makes the perfect spot to relax with a book you love. The bedroom’s bohemian accents are enhanced by the country charm of an enchanting Jenny Lind on the bed and many horses.

What’s Old Is New

Country decor is a tribute to the old. This bedroom features repurposed quilting fabric used as drapery ties. The old stool, topped by a tray, is a table for the side. White sheets soften an intricate wooden bed frame that was once vintage.

Gray Farmhouse Color Scheme

Cloudy grays and whites are the most popular colors in the contemporary traditional farmhouse palette. This bedroom is a blend of both and creates some pattern plays using plaid throws and gingham pillows. Metal baskets are repurposed to make a great book holder.

Southwestern Style

The farmhouse bedroom is a country style, using an encased deer sculpture and patterns that would be appropriate for the cowboy. A wicker-covered chair topped the softly striped pillows accentuates the striking black bedding. Plank flooring can be an iconic farmhouse feature.