Home Fragrance Guide: How to Make Your Home Smell Good

Scents can elicit memories and evoke emotional reactions. They also create lasting impressions. Each home has its unique aroma. However, there are some that are better than others.

You’ll want your guests to be impressed by not only the interior design but also with elements that appeal to their sense of scent. On the other side, a bad smell can turn off guests, whether they are aware of it or not.

What’s the best method to make your home smell nice? If you want to make your home smell better, consider adding some house fragrances.

Here are some tips to help you make your home smell great. You’ll find DIY hacks, cleaning ideas, and specific products that you can buy.

Home Fragrances: Considerations for Products that Smell good

What is the best way to scent your home? There are many products available to create a pleasing-smelling home. From mists to diffusers, essential oils, houseplants, and washing detergent, there is a variety of options. You can make your home smell great with both purchased and homemade products.

Stock up on Scented Candles

Candles are the best way to create a delicious house scent. You can choose any scent you like if you are burning the wick alone. If you are having guests over you may want to choose a mild candle that has light scent notes such as citrus, driftwood, and seagrass.

Soy candles have many advantages. They’re made from renewable resources, unlike paraffin wax. Soy also burns cleaner, and produces less smoke.

Discover Essential Oil Smells

Essential oils can be your best friend if you want to create a natural scent in your home. Essential oils are created by extracting “essence” from plants such as lavender, camomile, Geranium, and sage.

Some are calming, others are energizing and some help you fall asleep. Are you unsure which fragrances will work best for your home? You can also purchase an Blend of Essential Oils by Parachute. This blend combines soothing plant essences for a subtle yet unique aroma.

Buy an Oil Diffuser

You can use essential oils in many ways, but an oil diffuser is a great option if you want to know what the best fragrances for your home are. Fill the reservoir up with water and add a few drops essential oils of your choice. Replace the lid, then turn it on. The diffuser produces a mist of light scent, similar to that produced by a countertop humidifier. It will shut down when the water is gone.

Did you know that a diffuser could help you get a good sleep? Check out our article on Oil Diffusing Can Help You Sleep.

Or Diffuser Sticks

Another excellent option is oil diffuser sticks. Fill a small bottle or vase with essential oils, and then place the reeds in the container to allow them to absorb it. Flip the sticks so that the fragrance is released into the room. Enjoy the aroma.

Consider Incense

The oldest type of fragrance for the home is incense. It is made from various plant materials, and it’s usually burned to create a smokey aroma. The incense is available in a variety of scents that can create a Zen-like atmosphere.

Try Linen Spray

The best linen spray is the Rest Linen Mist by OSEA for Parachute. They neutralize bad odors while leaving behind a pleasant aroma. The best linen mist is the rest Linen Mist from OSEA for Parachute. The spray has a soothing scent of lavender and skin-loving Geranium.

You can expect a good night’s rest when you spray the herbal tincture on your pillow or duvet. Spray linen sheet mist all over your home. This includes your sofa, decorative pillows, and area rugs.

Read on for tips on how to use linen spray in your home and room to create a great scent.

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Natural Laundry Detergent

The smell of a home is heavily influenced by the laundry detergent. You can still enjoy scented soaps , but you don’t need anything overpowering. A natural formula using lavender or other light essential oils to create a subtle scent is the perfect essential for your laundry room.

Natural laundry soaps are less likely to cause irritation. This is also gentle for your clothes, safe for your baby, and easy to use in your washing machine. Unscented detergents are a good choice if you want to keep things simple and have sensitive skin.

Check out our blog Why Use a Laundry Detergent Made from Earth? for a more in-depth look at the benefits of earth-sourced soap. Your Questions Answered.

Use Wool Dryer Balls to Fluff Your Fur

Wool dryer ball do not really count as a house fragrance, but they will definitely keep your linens smelling fresh. These 100% wool spheres are a natural alternative to dryer sheet. They make your fabrics more fluffy and less wrinkled while reducing drying time by half.

Place potpourri in your bathroom

Potpourri has been a favorite for centuries, but it still holds a lot of appeal today. The ancient mixture of dried flowers, spices, and plants is ideal for the bathroom counter.

Potpourri is a beautiful, old-fashioned product that can be used in any decorative bowl, jar, or container. It can last for many years. You can either buy the pre-made mixes or make your own mixture if you feel creative.

Hang Eucalyptus on the Shower

You’ll be surprised by the aromatherapy that you will experience while lathering, rinsing, and repeating. Steam activates the plant’s oils, giving off a spa-like aroma.

Buy a heated towel rack

Your bath sheets have a musty smell? Towel warmers may help. A damp towel is a breeding ground for bacteria that cause odors, especially if the fabric takes a long time to dry. Heated racks warm your towels as you bathe, but they also dry them much faster. The result? The result?

Buy Cedar Mothballs to Protect Your Closet

Cedar mothballs are more than just a way to keep fabric-feeding insects at bay. The heartwood contains natural oils that repel moths and their larvae, and absorb moisture in order to prevent mildew or mold. Red cedar is a wonderful scent.

Switch to a Breathable Bag

A breathable laundry hamper will also keep your walk-in wardrobe smelling great. Airflow may seem counterintuitive, but it is important to allow air to circulate around dirty clothes. When air is blocked out, trapped moisture encourages the growth and development of bacteria that cause odors.

Buy a new dog bed

Don’t forget your dog when deciding how to improve the smell of your home. Dogs can stink, no matter what breed, size or coat they have. Consider buying your dog a new bed. Try the water-repellent Canvas Dogbed by Parachute.

Indoor Plants: A Great Alternative

A NASA study discovered that certain plants, in addition to releasing air oxygen, can purify the indoor air by removing certain volatile organic compound (VOC). Shrubs not only help you breathe easier at home, they also brighten up your space.