Media room ideas

You do not often see an interior plan for an upcoming home construction that doesn’t include a second living space. It could be a playroom, man cave, rumpus area, or home theatre; you’ll find a place for leisure is essential. More than the rest of your home, the living room is a modern-day luxury home. However, we suggest you not make a room that could be all the above. Here are our seven tips for creating the perfect media room!

Forget the cliche home theatres

We’ve all seen the stunning cinema rooms in the home from the block, but let’s face it… what percentage of people have space and budget for a cinema in our house? You can ditch the reclining seats and popcorn machine for an updated media room solution.

We mean an area that appears to be an extra living space when not used; however, it can be easily transformed into a cinema, gaming, or any other! The benefit of stepping away from a traditional cinema in the home is it allows you to create a space that can be adapted to your family’s needs. We’re all in favor of that!

Although home cinemas are an incredible luxury feature, few of us have the space or funds to pull something similar off! Think about creating a multi-functional space that lets you watch movies with style but could be used as a playroom or man’s retreat.

Choose the requirements for your rec room

What are your requirements for the area? Before you click “add to cart” on any furniture item, consider how you intend to utilize the space. Is it an area to relax, or do you want to make room for an office space in your home? Do you want it to be a safe zone for kids, or do you want it to function as an open-air playroom?

The first step in design is to identify the problem. Make a list of ways you want to utilize the space with consideration for the needs of all living in the area. Of course, one room will not be possible to meet all your needs! However, with this list, you can prioritize what is essential to your needs, devise creative solutions, or perhaps look for ways to alter different rooms within your home to check off a few of these needs.

Choose the right furniture

If you have a clear and concise design guideline and a clear design brief, you can begin the first step in acquiring the best furniture. You should start with the most significant furniture item, the sofa. Nothing that is ‘just the sofa’. Sofas with the chase, statement sofas, or sofa beds are all common choices.

If you’re short on space or require a more flexible seating option, consider bean bags. While you may be scoffing, they have made a massive leap from the bean bags of the 90s! Amazingly comfortable, cheap, and easy to wash, they have many reasons to be awed by these bags. Read this article about choosing between the advantages and drawbacks of bean bags.

Make sure you have your speakers and lighting  just right

What media room could not be complete without the ultimate movie entertainment experience? While we don’t advocate recliner chairs making your home a movie theater, having an A/V system set up correctly is essential!

Once you’ve figured out the layout of your furniture and your electrician, or a specialist in AV, if you can afford it, can suggest ways to maximize the enjoyment of your home movie. Think about dimmer switches for lights (preferably lighting fixtures for the walls), integrated speakers, sound bars, and other ways to improve your home’s ambiance.

Choose the best display

The largest purchase is likely to be your television and display. If gaming or watching movies are the primary things you utilize this space for, and you want to get the best image, then getting the best quality will be top of the list.

Of course, if it were our choice, we’d choose the most elegant TV, like the Samsung’ Frame’ TV, which could look like a work of art when unused. However, this is an aspect of decorating the room you’ll have to compromise to satisfy the other members of your home. Whatever you do, make careful not to place the TV too high, and do your best to layout your room to avoid it being the main focal point or the first thing you look at.

Every detail in this space is so well considered. We love the elegant yet practical window coverings, sleek audiovisual, and perfect TV height placement | Take the full home tour

Make sure you are aware of your window blinds

It’s a common refrain, yet one of the most minor thought-of aspects of designing a home is window blinds! The right blinds or curtains offer a variety of advantages, including control of light and glare control, as well as thermal benefits.

Curtains in your media area will improve acoustics. Soft materials like carpets and curtains absorb sound and decrease echo.

Decorate the area

Naturally, the last step to finish the space we have created is adding a final layer of fashion. An artwork that stands out will set the mood and tone for you to use throughout the entire space.

Think of your media room as every other room in your home where you can maintain your style. Don’t go with the typical media room decor’ and think of it as a second living space…, of cou,rse you enjoy hanging movie posters in frames or some superhero figurines displayed!

Our styling tricks for the most popular styles are applicable, including:

Less is more: keep your style simple, particularly when you want your media space to be an open space that can be a hybrid

We believe that comfort is paramount. That’s why we’re granting you the right to browse all the cushions you’d like and require

Think about your other senses. Consider your other reasons: a diffuser or candle is always an excellent idea.