Small house design

You will have hundreds of ideas when designing your home. It can be overwhelming to think about all the how-tos and where-to. If you live in a small house, implementing these ideas may not be practical. Some tricks and tips in your back pocket would be best when designing a small home. You might get only some of what you want, and specific changes and fixtures may be needed to maximize space.

Here are five things you should avoid when designing a small home.

Reduce clutter by increasing storage space

When it comes to decorating a small area, storage is essential. Your home should not look cluttered with your belongings scattered everywhere. If you look around, there is always more space in your home. You can be as creative here as you like. Always plan when designing your home, and make sure you have enough storage space. Install shelves and open cabinets for maximum storage. If you have a stairway, you can use the area beneath to install shelves, cabinets, or cupboards for extra pillows and bedding.

Let’s get rid of the darkness and embrace the light

Tiny homes can benefit from using lighter colors. Darker shades can make a space appear smaller than it is. Choose lighter colors for walls, curtains, and furniture to make your home look more prominent. Crisp white walls will make the room appear larger. The white walls will give your home a feeling of openness and spaciousness.

Don’t forget your vertical spaces

It’s possible that you don’t even realize how many vertical spaces there are. Look at the empty corners, walls, spaces above sinks or beds, and even the nooks between furniture. Avoid expanding horizontal areas in a small home design, as it will make the site more crowded. You will find unused space that can be used to its maximum potential. Consider these things when using vertical space:

Create an accent wall using colors, textures, or wallpaper.

Make sure you have enough shelf space for your essentials.

You can hang your cups or spice bottles on the wall.

Add a large, framed mirror to your bedroom to make it appear larger.

Create a wall of photos to remember your favorite memories.

Adding a ladder in your vertical space will emphasize the room’s length. These ladders are handy in small rooms, as they add extra storage and increase the height.

Do not be dark; embrace natural light

Natural light is always a plus for small house designs. It makes the room appear larger and brighter. Also, does it make your space look larger? It’s true; adding more windows to any room will allow natural light into the room. This will bring out its best features. Avoid heavy drapes and dark window treatments, as they will reduce the size of your space. Dark furniture should also be avoided. Dark colors tend to absorb more light, while lighter colors reflect it. Don’t block windows with furniture, as this will reduce the light entering your room.

Be multipurpose, not exclusive

This is the room you need. You can use it to relax, work, as a nursery, or for daily exercise. Consider the multipurpose nature of some rooms when designing a small home. You can create a room with an office attached or even attach a dining area to your terrace. Consider combining a home office and a fitness room in one space. There are so many possibilities!

You can see how we designed this elegant and subtle small house in only ten weeks.