Stylish Decor & Design Ideas for Your Home

Updating your interior design is a great way to refresh if you move to a new place or renovate your existing home. How can you create a stylish space that displays your style and impresses your guests while maintaining a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere?

It’s easier than you think to nail your design aesthetic. You only need a little inspiration and expert guidance to get things moving.

You’re in excellent hands if you love pared-down and casually elegant housewares as much as Parachute. Ariel Kaye, the founder of Parachute Home, literally wrote the book How to Make a House a Home. She knows a lot about interior design. The book contains a wealth of home decor inspiration and ideas.

If you’re redesigning a whole house, it is best to take a room-by-room approach. This will make the entire project less daunting and ensure a cohesive look. The designs can be different, and they should feature different colors or themes. They need to complement each other.

The guide will take you through the rooms, starting with the bedroom and ending with the shared living space, the laundry room. There are links to more information about each topic and practical advice, tips, and product recommendations. You can contact Parachute Style for a free consultation if you need help implementing a home decor idea.

Bedroom Aesthetics: How to Choose

What is your bedroom style? What’s your bedroom style? Choose the style that appeals to you or combine techniques if you like transitional design.

Consider the versatility of the style you choose.

These articles will advise you on creating a bedroom that suits your style.

Choose a bedroom color scheme

After you have chosen a style for your bedroom, it is time to select the colors. Neutrals will last for many years. White, ivory, off-white, and grey are all good choices—taupe, black, charcoal, beige, or taupe. Choose earth tones such as sage or sand to create a warmer look.

Neutral doesn’t necessarily mean boring. The tranquility and freshness of a crisp white bedroom are unmatched. Grey is a neutral color that’s chic, calm, and cozy. Black is masculine and moody. Even a monochrome room can be anything but monotonous when you use different shades and textures.

The articles below offer home decor ideas in different color schemes for bedrooms.

Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom is only complete with a bed. What size bed should you buy? It’s best to buy the most oversized bed that you can while still being able to walk around and open drawers or doors.

Consider a headboard, nightstands (inside or outside of your closet), a dressing table, an ottoman or storage bench, and a vanity.

Bedroom Window Treatments

Hang them on your bedroom window if you love the flowy, soft look of drapes. If the panels do not have a blackout liner, consider installing a room-darkening shade behind them. You can expect to sleep faster and have fewer wakings at night when the outdoor light is blocked.

Bedroom Rug

Interior designers often recommend getting a rug, even if you have carpet in your bedroom. Carpets add texture to the room and provide warmth and comfort underfoot. You can use an area rug that extends one to two feet on each side of the bed and at the foot. Jute rugs work well for placing under the bed.

Explore the Guide to Rug Styling for more ideas.

Bed Sheets

Sheets come as standard. Some people prefer to sleep with both a fitted and top sheet. Others like only the fitted sheet. Parachute offers sets with either one or two pillows and your choice of fitted sheet or both. Each item can be purchased separately.

These guides will help you understand the different sizes and fabrics and how often sheets should be replaced.

Duvets and Duvet Covers

Next, you’ll want a duvet insert (a comforter). This will keep you warm while you sleep. You’ll also need a cover. Best fabrics include linens, which are breathable, strong, and cool to the touch, as well as gauzy clouds cotton, buttery cotton brushed, and sumptuous woven acetate.

Quilts and blankets

Some people use a Quilt instead of a duvet as their primary bed cover. Others fold the quilt over or only use it seasonally. Throws are also available, and they are functional as well as decorative. They are the perfect finishing touch for a nicely made bed.

Bed Pillows

Pillows can be customized. Pillows can be the difference between a good sleep and a bad one. They also determine whether or not you wake up with a stiff neck. Some are designed for side- and back-sleepers, while others are best for stomach-snoring.

Pillowcases & Shams

Every pillow requires a case. Duvet sets, and sheet sets usually include one or two pillows, while duvet covers are often included. If you want to use a particular material on your face or change your pillowcases several times a week, you can purchase them separately.

You can learn more about the differences between pillowcases and shams in our Pillowcases and Shams Guide and get advice on selecting suitable fabric.

Bedroom Styling Tips

You have chosen your bedding, your color scheme, and your aesthetic. You’re ready to decorate your bedroom, but where do you begin? Below you’ll find bedroom decor and layout ideas.

Bedroom Layout

As mentioned above, choosing the most significant size bed that will fit comfortably in your bedroom is best. You may have only one or two choices for where to put it. Since your bed is the focal point of your sleeping area, you should build your design around it.

See our article Simple Tips to Rearrange the Bedroom Layout for a more in-depth look at furniture placement and layout.

Layer Your Bed

Making your bed can be a simple task. Style is a different thing. Layering is the key to a Pinterest-worthy style. A few throws and decorative pillows can add dimension, texture, and interest to your duvet, bed pillows, and other decor.

Want to know how to fold, fluff, and place each piece? You can find all the information in our Layering Your Bed Like A Stylist guide.