Table top christmas tree

Tabletop Christmas trees are one of the most accessible and affordable ways to create a festive atmosphere when you organize your ideas for Christmas decor.

There are many creative and clever ways to decorate Christmas tabletop trees. They’re perfect if you have limited space and don’t want a large tree. Or, if you’re going to create a tablescape that will impress for ideas for Christmas table decor.

You can instantly transform your space with color and cheer by adding a mini-tree to your dining room table, a console in the hallway filled with fake trees or foliage, or a paper tree on a sideboard.

Christmas Tabletop Trees

Browse our full Christmas tabletop trees below to find the perfect design to match your decorating ideas.

Take on a sleek, Scandinavian-inspired look

If you want a refined and pared-back style for your tabletop Christmas tree ideas, opt for a Scandi look rich in simple shapes, earthy colors, and muted tones.

This tablescape is an excellent example of table ideas. It has been decorated beautifully with ceramics, seasonal decor, and homemade ornaments.

Small tabletop plants work well with this relaxed scheme and beautifully complement the tapered, tall candles.

Choose the ‘Classic Christmas Colors

Red and green are the perfect Christmas colors.

Group together tissue paper to create a woodland forest feel that is both modern and festive. This will also add height to your dining table. For a classic Christmas dinner, pair white tableware with accessories in crimson or emerald.

Beth Pickard, talking tables, says eco-friendly decorations such as these paper trees can be recycled widely or built to last for years.

These ombre trees can be reused after the celebrations are over. After Christmas dinner, they can be displayed on a window sill or mantelpiece and go well with traditional and contemporary themes.

Use a colorful Christmas tree candle holder

Handmade Christmas Decorations will bring a homey, global feel and support traditional craftsmanship worldwide.

The husband-and-wife team, Montes & Clark in Mexico, make these bright candelabra tin trees using a centuries-old craft called Hojalata that dates back to the 16th century. The tin is cut, shaped, and embossed in a pattern. It can then be painted in bright primary colors.

Jennifer Ebert is the digital editor of Homes & Gardens. This tin Christmas tree would be stunning as a centerpiece. It is also beautiful, with the added benefit of spreading a warm glow over your table.

Create A Terrarium Christmas Tree

Create your woodland terrarium for a tabletop alternative to the traditional mini conifer.

Claire Bishop, Senior Houseplant Buyer at Dobbies Garden Centers, says: “You will need either a glass terrarium or a large vase made of glass, as well as peat-free organic compost, moss, and moss branches. You’ll also need dried foliage, Christmas tree trimmings, pine cones, and other home decor items.”

Start by lining the terrarium with peat-free compost and moss. Then add pine cones and branches of moss to give it depth. Add foliage such as dried Eucalyptus to create a colorful display. Place small trimmings of your real Christmas trees in your terrariums or vases. You can also add decorative items like tiny trees to develop your mini-forest. Add some wired lights to add a festive touch and a touch of Christmas magic.

Place your terrarium away from direct sunlight so the moss does not dry out.

Decorate with Twig Tree

For your Christmas tabletop ideas, if minimalist or rustic decor appeals to you, consider a twig tree that is stripped back (literally).

This elegant and simple white twig Christmas tree is a classic. The pretty star lights and dove decorations are the perfect finishing touches. It creates a refined and timeless decoration.

Use a Mini Tree as a Table Gift

A mini Christmas tree in a tealight holder is a beautiful gift idea for Christmas tables.

Match the tealight holder with the rest of your tableware to make it look as festive as possible.

The small tree looks great on a console in the hallway.

A tabletop tree is one of the most straightforward Christmas hall decor ideas. It’s a great way to introduce a festive occasion.

Welcome your guests with a festive entryway display this Christmas. A small tree in a pot on your console can look great with the proper proportions. Decorate the console with a Christmas tree topper idea and string lights to create a cozy entry,’ says Andrea Childs—Country Homes & Interiors editor.

Decorate a Candelabra to Create Your Own “Tree”

Were you feeling creative? It’s easy to make your own mini Christmas tree. You can use it with your Dining Room Decor or Table Garland Ideas.

Use ivy trails around the stem to create your tabletop Christmas tree. Cover a candelabra in moss. Use the florist’s tape to hold the moss and hang the ivy on the candle arms. Light the dinner candles, and then use tea lights to create a warm glow around the base.

Tabletop Christmas trees can be used to create a festive scene

Suzy Humphreys is the founder of Layered Lounge. She says: “Nothing says Christmas quite like a beautiful, well-maintained tree. Our elegant faux slim trees look great on console tables, take up very little space, and require no maintenance. They will add a festive touch to any hallway or living room.”

“On Christmas Eve, we host many guests for drinks and canapes at our house. I cover the dining table with a large white linen cloth and place our ceramic houses and faux trees down the middle, adding height and texture. Plates of canapes are then placed in between. It resembles a snowy Scandinavian scene and is always a hit for children and adults.

“We have a lot of guests during the holidays, and it is important to create a comfortable, elegant guest room. As we are all so busy, adding a few of our smaller fake trees on your bedside table or mantelpiece can add a festive flair without taking much time from your day. Sometimes the smallest gestures are most memorable.”