TV wall design

Film nights have made TV wall decor quite a craze, and widescreens are big that they can be placed almost anywhere, even if installed on walls. But it could make them utterly dominant in an area. They’re huge, black slabs over a gorgeously decorated wall when in the off position. Once they’re on, they’re unavoidable.

If you’re searching for ideas for your living space that do not make the television the center of the show, Then these ideas for mounting TVs will work perfectly for you. Of course, they can also be applied to kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

We are increasingly wiring TVs in several rooms, though they may not be utilized often. Some customers prefer to have the option of putting in televisions later on”, adds Emma Emma Deterding, founder and creative director of Kelling Designs.

“I’ll say that I believe long gone are the days in which everyone hid their televisions as if they were huge, ugly beasts. In the present, when they’re at the right location with proper attention and with the numerous contemporary, designer-led options available, they look stylish, especially when vibrant colors surround you.’

TV Wall Ideas

We’re spending so much time looking for stunning wall design ideas that putting them in the same category as television is unjust. These wall decor ideas for TVs can help you integrate your wall into your living space. However, we cannot guarantee that it will disappear completely. However, our interior design ideas will make the most impressive TV accent for your interior.

Integrate Your TV Into A Bookcase

Are you thinking of making a shelving unit among your decorative wall ideas? It is possible to incorporate television into the wall.

“When it comes to installing TV wall concepts in projects, we’re sure to install more and are using various creative ways to hide them, according to Emma Deterding, founder and creative director of Kelling Design.

“In the past, we’ve inserted TVs into the foot of the bed so that they can be hidden when not being used, and we have a lot of times put TVs in cupboards, where doors fold back to expose the TV when required or, as shown as a bookcase.

We’re currently working on a project in which we’ve installed televisions on the kitchen island. When it’s open, it can rotate and spin the whole way, allowing viewers to view it in any direction. We’ve discovered that any size TV is possible, as long as space is available. In cinema rooms, we typically install anything from 75in up to 90 inches.’

Choose Black Accents To Tie In Your TV Visually

This design is excellent for this TV. The lampshade is black, and the accessories are linked to it. Also, because it’s not massive in size, the proportions match the rectangular inset shelves.

The neutral fireplace surround, the flooring, and the sofa can soften the appearance making an elegant and balanced design.

Invest In A TV That Looks Like Art When Switched Off

The technology is moving forward, and you can purchase televisions that allow you to display an image rather than a black screen.

We asked the London-based interior design expert Louise Bradley about what she does to make her television function in the living space:

“In my London home, the television is placed above the fireplace in a unique, specialized metal finish. Do not be afraid to play around with textures and finishes to make an impact. When you do this, you’ll ensure that your television isn’t the main focal point of your room. Instead, it’s the artisanal texture it is set against.’

Create A Scheme That’s Decorative To Distract The Eye

If you’re fortunate enough to reside in a warm environment that lets you enjoy TV outdoors, the same interior design guidelines apply. For this beautiful outdoor space, there’s enough texture and design that it’s hard to ignore the fact that there’s a television on the wall.

The gorgeous chandelier with beaded beads is an ideal illustration of this, as are the poufs with prints cushions, rug and cushions, and of course, the magnificent fire pit!

Use Texture To Distract From The TV

The wood paneling used on the TV wall is an excellent method to bring texture to the surrounding space. The wood’s warmth helps offset the starkness of the TV, and it is just the right size for the room, just a bit smaller than the fireplace. This makes for a more well-balanced look, too.

Go For A Dramatically Dark Color Scheme

Here’s a quick and easy solution for those who like the dark and dramatic look. Just paint your walls in a rich shade, such as Mylands Bond Street No.219.

There’s no way your TV wall will stand out in this dark hue, but you’ll have to ensure that the color scheme is balanced to ensure that it doesn’t feel like you’re entering a cave. Keep your floors warm with the herringbone wood used in the living room. Add mirrors to bounce light around, and then add the right accessories to make it look more exciting.

Use Texture And Pattern Together To Create Balance

Get the big guns out by combining patterns and texture – they draw your eye down and around instead of looking at the television.

The dark wood shelves on both sides of the brick fireplace with white paint aid in balancing the appearance, and so is the monochromatic rug. Cushions featuring weaves and prints work well, as do these two leather footstools in the foreground. Their black metal legs complement the black elements of the room perfectly.

Go Sleek With Sliding Doors

We didn’t mention yet: sliding doors. It’s a great TV wall design that will allow you to hide your TV from view, which is especially beneficial for Tincredibly massive TVs

An interior designer from London, Louise Bradley, offers her tips on how to create this design:

Make your room work all day long with a custom joinery system that hides the TV when it is unused. For this project, we went for a charcoal-colored look in the style of an ancient Japanese shou sugya ban technique.

If closed, the joinery makes an aesthetic statement and stands out beautifully against the light upholstery and soft furnishings. In the open position, the almost black finish is an ideal backdrop for an evening of movies.’