Big-Picture Kitchen Remodeling Trends Happening Now

Homeowners are spending more money on kitchen renovations. However, they’re also selecting sustainable options that are cost-effective over the long term. The demand for professional hiring is still solid, and homeowners’ preferences for lighting, cabinet designs, and other high-tech options are changing. Learn the details about this and many other significant aspects of remodeling and gain ideas for your kitchen with this article highlighting the recently released 2023 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study.

Sustainability Influences Choices

Most homeowners (92 percent) include sustainable elements in remodeling their kitchens, which include LED lightbulbs (65 percent) as well as energy-efficient appliances (61 percent) and fixtures that use less water (34 percent).

The main reason? They help owners save on their expenses over the long term. Most homeowners (74 percent) think sustainable alternatives can be cost-effective over time. But making the right environmental choices can also play a significant role. Nearly half (54 percent) believe ecological considerations are essential when selecting sustainable alternatives.

A small proportion of homeowners (3 percent) have dedicated professionals who advise on green choices.

“Homeowners are gravitating toward sustainable choices during kitchen renovations, and it is interesting to see the intersection of economics and environmental concerns,” says Houzz senior economist Marine Sargsyan. Rehkamp Larson Architects, Inc. Rehkamp Larson Architects employed various sustainable strategies for this Oregon kitchen to help homeowners save cash over time.

“Simple, natural materials on the interior include wood, plaster, concrete and tile chosen for their sustainability and their soft, beach-inspired palette,” architect Mark Larson says. “Durable material that is timeless need less maintenance and replacement in the future and can stand the wear and tear of time. Clerestory windows let light into the kitchen, and help save energy for lighting.”

Cabinet Styles Shift

Shaker-style cabinets have dominated homeowners’ preferences for many years. Although the style remains the most sought-after option, it has slowed by 3 points to 61% compared to 2022.

In addition, flat-panel cabinets are currently on the rise. One out of five homeowners (20 percent) opts for this style wardrobe.

Furthermore, homeowners are still choosing the custom option (44 percent). However, the percentage of homeowners who prefer semi-custom cabinets fell to 31% by 2023, as opposed to 35% for 2022 and 2021. The stock cabinets increased by two percentage points yearly, reaching 12 percent.

The majority of homeowners (94 percent) pick handles for cabinet doors and drawers, with bar pulls being the most popular (72 percent) followed by knobs (34 percent). Nickel brushed is the most sought-after hardware finish (34 percent), followed by black (21 percent).

However, most homeowners (66 percent) have replaced all their cabinets in a kitchen renovation, while 29% only replace their cabinets, and 5% don’t replace or upgrade their cabinets. Laura Brophy InteriorsThis Orange County, California, kitchen design by Laura Brophy Interiors has modern flat-panel cabinets. A few lower units come with the look of a vertical shiplap. Black knobs are a striking design, while a bank of uppers is not equipped with cabinet hardware, a choice that 6 percent of homeowners choose to opt for, according to the study.

Wood Cabinets Gain Popularity

White cabinets won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon. It’s still the most popular option (40 percent). However, wood tones are also an excellent alternative. About 25% of people (24 percent) opt for cabinets with wood tones, which is up three percentage points year over year, then returning to 2021’s level.

Choosing a base color for your island that is distinct from the cabinet’s surroundings is a well-liked design option. More than 50% of homeowners (46 percent) choose this method. For those who own homes, blue has been the most sought-after alternative color (24 percent), followed by grey (15%)) medium-tone wood, and black (12 percent each).

The popularity of picking a dark wood kitchen island that contrasts with the main cabinets rose five percentage points over a year, reaching 11 percent. Wood cabinets bring the warmth of this contemporary New York kitchen by Tina Ramchandani Creative. The cabinet’s fronts mix a flat-panel appearance with a slim Shaker design to create an appealing in-between design.

Pro Hiring Remains Strong

In the case of cabinets, cabinetmakers are in high demand. The percentage of homeowners who hire an expert cabinetmaker will increase to 32% by 2023 from 31% in 2022. This is compared to 27 percent in 2021 and 26% by 2020.

Most homeowners (84 percent) seek professional assistance with a kitchen renovation project, but that number decreases slightly in 2023 compared to the year before (89 percent).

General contractors are still the most sought-after professional (50 percent); however, that percentage is down three percentage points over a year. The share of homeowners hiring an interior designer or decorator (15%) or an architect (11%) ticked slightly in 2023 compared with last year.GLDESIGNInterior design firm GLDESIGN helped a family of five create its forever home in New York, including this modern farmhouse-style kitchen with white Shaker-style cabinets and wood details.

Recessed Lighting Overtakes Undercabinet Lighting

Recessed lights are flush with the ceiling to give ample overhead lighting with a discreet appearance. Homeowners’ preference for this type of lighting grew by 6 points yearly at 72%, gaining the top. Number one spot from lighting under cabinets.

This latter option, which can provide task lighting for countertops, also gained traction by increasing 3 points per year to 70 percent.

A smaller proportion of homeowners (15% to 15 percent) typically have in-cabinet lighting to display the most treasured pottery or other display items surrounded by glass cabinets. Agnieszka Jakubowicz PhotographyThis fresh San Jose, California, home designed by Robson Homes features a kitchen with barely-there recessed lighting.

Two pendants provide lighting above the island. The pendant lights tend to be the most sought-after option (64 percent) for lighting fixtures over an upgraded kitchen island. They are followed by recessed lighting (35 percent, a 5-point improvement over the prior year). A lot of homeowners prefer to install two lights (42 percent) and three (33%)).

High-Tech Features Abound

It is still the norm for homeowners to choose faucets, appliances, and other kitchen appliances that come with advanced features. Over 50% of homeowners (51 percent) opt for a faucet that comes with advanced features like water efficiency (24 percent),ch-free or touch-only activation (23 percent), and non-fingerprint coating (23 percent).