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Four of the Top Reasons You’ll Love a Love Seat

Posted by Mary Olinger on

 When we think about living room furnishings, our minds typically go to buying a sofa. Oftentimes, thoughts of buying a love seat doesn’t enter our minds, or at least it is only an afterthought. But there are some very good reasons to consider purchasing a love seat, and a few reasons why it might just become your favorite piece of living room furniture.  Here we’re going to share three of the top reasons you are going to fall in love with your love seat all over again.

Reason 1: Perfect Compromise

The love seat or sofa bed can provide the perfect compromise between a couch and having a small space. They provide more seating options than single chairs and even provide a little space for you to stretch out and get comfortable. They are less expensive than a full size sofa but offer a lot of versatility.

Reason 2: Versatility

If you want seating options in rooms other than the living room, the love seat can provide the perfect solution. A love seat can fit nicely into virtually any room in the house. They can be used as seating in a home office or a guest bedroom. Any room you’d like to provide an extra space to rest or sit is the perfect place for a love seat. They provide a nice touch of coziness and warmth to any room in the house.

Reason 3: Transforming a Space

A love seat can be used to effectively transform a room. It can be placed it in front of a large window, or an alcove to create a relaxing nook for reading or resting. They can also be used to divide a room in a way that is effective, yet subtle. A love seat won’t be quite as disruptive as a sofa or a sectional while providing a nice partition between two separate areas.

Reason 4: Provide Design Elements

If you want to experiment with bolder colours, it can seem daunting at first. Many people are too conservative with their colour schemes to venture out into a bold pattern or color. This is due in part to being a little nervous about the possibility of a colour being overused or overbearing. But if you keep the sofa, which is a larger piece in a neutral colour and purchase a brightly coloured or patterned love seat it will work. It will safely add a nice colour punch to a room without being “too much.”


Are you ready to purchase a love seat to accentuate your living area or one of the other rooms in your house? We have a variety of stylish loveseats to choose from as well as other living room furnishings such as recliners, sofas, sectionals and sofa beds. Click here to look through the broad selection we carry at Think Lounges.


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