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3 Signs you need to upgrade your lounge

Posted by Jodie Litherland on

It’s been a long day, you’ve worked hard. You can tell this because your back is aching and you need to sit down. You walk into your loungeroom and take a seat. This might feel great but is it really helping you?


Research has shown that now more than ever, back pain is being linked to how long people are spending on their lounge. So who do we blame? Netflix? Stan? Foxtel? Of course not. The question isn’t who do we blame, its what do we blame.


First and foremost, if you have a bad posture (standing or sitting) this could potentially lead to back problems. However, if you have a great posture, do 5 hours of yoga a week and maintain a healthy balanced diet, but spend 8 hours straight binging Game of Thrones on the weekend, sitting on a lounge you wouldn't take as a hand me down when you first moved out of home, yoga might not be enough.  


For a building to maintain its structural integrity, it must be built on a solid foundation. How is this relevant you ask? When you sit on a poorly constructed or worn out lounge (the foundation), your spine (the building) and its surrounding muscles start working overtime. You may not notice any pain at the time but that may come at a later day. This is called DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Every time you find yourself moving because you are becoming “uncomfortable”, it is your brain telling you to move because your muscles are getting sore.


“But sitting with a straight back is uncomfortable” you might say, I couldn’t agree more. In fact, sitting too straight and for too long can also cause back pain. It’s about balance. Finding the right level and comfort and support for your binging sessions is an easy problem to solve with Think Lounges.


The right density between a firm and soft surface mixed with good lumbar support is what you need to assist in maintaining a healthy back. Below are the 3 Signs you need to upgrade your lounge.

You’re on the lean

Although it’s called “memory foam”, the foam inside the cushions and seating of a lounge eventually forget how they’re meant to shape. If you find yourself leaning a touch to one side when you sit down, this is a perfect sign that it’s time to upgrade your lounge. The problem here, if you sit in the same spot every night (as a lot of people do), you will adjust as the foam lose its shape. A good idea is to switch things up. If you think you might be overdue an upgrade, try sitting in a different spot. If it instantly feels more level, more supported or worse, the time has come for an upgrade.

The frame is noisy

If sitting on your lounge sounds like a door from an old horror movie, this is a sign. Over time, things ware out, it’s inevitable. When a lounge frame becomes noisy, this is also dangerous as it could collapse causing you an injury as well as embarrassment. If you’re quick enough and get onto it early, it may be repairable, but with the pice for a quality lounge from Think Lounges, it might not be worth the hassle of a repair.

The fabric is torn or cracked

Unless we’re talking about the lounge your dog sleeps on in the garage, It’s time to say goodbye. The fabric of a lounge cleans a lot easier than the foam inside. With torn fabric, it’s an opening for all the food, drink, animal hair and all other things that contribute to an unsanitary area to enter, eventually bringing cockroaches and other unwanted pests. This will also begin to smell and is basically un-cleanable.


You don’t always need a reason to upgrade your lounge. Your taste may have changed or your décor has a new feel to it and the brown leather doesn’t quite fit anymore. Whatever your reason, Think Lounges are your go-to supplier for buying mattresses. Our lounges are quality tested and designed to meet our high standards of comfort and finish. So don’t dream it, just think it.

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