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Choosing the Right Sofa for your Decor

Posted by Mary Olinger on

The sofa is typically the focal point of a living room. This makes choosing the perfect one just a little bit more difficult. At Think Lounges we provide a variety of sofas to serve your decorating needs. But sometimes the process of finding the perfect match can be complicated. One of the most important features of the sofa is the color. It’s important because it has to coordinate with the other decorative elements in the living space. Here are some key points to consider about choosing the color of sofa you put in your home.

Do you want a light or dark sofa?

Why does the tone of the sofa matter if it’s the focal point of the room? For one thing, it is likely to be the largest piece in the room and is designed to attract lots of attention. But you want it to get the right kind of attention and not stand out like a sore thumb. To determine if you need a light or dark sofa consider the other elements in the room. For instance, what shade is your flooring? If you have dark flooring you will probably prefer a lighter sofa. If you place a dark sofa on a dark floor it will darken the room too much. However, depending on the look you want, you may be able to lighten it up with pillows and throw rugs. When choosing the sofa color just think about the effect you want and how dark or light you want the space to be.

Do you want a matching or contrasting décor?

Neutral colors are popular choices for a good reason. They are very easy to work around and incorporate into virtually any room’s décor. Neutral colors such as gray, beige, cream and taupe work well with almost any color scheme but in some lighting can appear slightly dull. In these settings you will want to choose a sofa with some texture. A sofa with texture can provide some visual interest.

If you are going for a contrasting décor you can choose a dark sofa to contrast with light walls or a light sofa to fit in a darker setting. If you are going for a matching or monochromatic look you can use various shades of one color and choose a sofa that will coordinate well. To add visual appeal or some splashes of color, all you need are some decorative throw pillows or rugs to add the perfect touch.

It comes down to whether you want your sofa to stand out, or to blend in. Either option is fashionable as long as it’s the look you are trying to achieve. The primary goal is to purchase the sofa that will perfectly integrate into your space and fit in your décor as well as serving its purpose as a sofa.


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