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Points to Consider when Buying a Recliner

Posted by Mary Olinger on

Brown Recliner

Purchasing a recliner is not such a difficult task, but it does require some forethought. It seems very simple, but if you don’t think it out thoroughly you might not get exactly what you wanted. It’s very important to take a little time to think about a few points before making that investment in your home.

What kind of fabric do you prefer?

Of course you’ll want a recliner that matches the other furnishings and décor in the room where it will be placed. Choose a fabric that matches with other pieces such as a sofa. If you purchase a matching set it will be taken care of for you. The fabric’s design should not clash with other interior design elements in the room. You also want it to have visual appeal. This is also where you want to consider what type of general maintenance you are going to prefer. Both leather and suede are durable and stain resistant. It’s more about preference and what type of look and feel you and your family will best enjoy.

Which style do you prefer?

You might prefer a stand-alone recliner, or you might rather have a sofa recliner combination. Either one of these options will provide the adequate seating room. Choosing which style might depend more on how much space you actually have to work with. There are three basic styles from which you can choose including a free standing rocker recliner, a love seat with recliner or a couch with a recliner. If you have room of course, you may put more than one in a single room. But it is also a good solution to put the recliner in an extra room while the sofa recliner remains in the primary sitting room.

Why do you need a recliner?

Of course the most obvious answer is to sit in comfortably. Simply having a recliner in a family or sitting room can give an overall welcoming feeling and make guests feel more comfortable. Who will be the main person to use the recliner? And how will they use it? Will it be used to watch the game on TV; or is it to be used for reading? Will more than one person be needing a recliner? In these cases, you might consider buying the couch with sofa and a free standing recliner to accommodate multiple needs. If you want to provide extra seating for guests and gatherings, then you might consider a free standing recliner in a separate room for personal use, and a sofa, love seat or couch to provide seating for others.


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