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5 Interior design trends for winter 2019

Posted by Jodie Litherland on


It’s cold, wet and outside does not look inviting at all. The perfect day to stay inside and enjoy the comfort of your own home and company of your own family whether it be your kids and significant other or your flatmate. To keep you loungeroom from being uninviting like a horrible winters day, here are 5 interior design trends for winter 2019.

Light it up.

It’s cold outside so create a warmer feel in your house or apartment with a number of soft, warm lights, candles, or both. Complement your feng shui with low overhanging tungsten globes or small tea light candles to counter the grey sky outside and create a sense of warmth. Allow outside light into your living room to contrast the warm colours.


Light it up

Judging by the thickness of the blanket and the outside Christmas tree, this property is probably in a cold place. The low hanging lamps with warm coloured globes give this living room a warm feel.


Change things up.

Think about the purpose of your lounge room. It is a room for entertaining, a room for spending time together and enjoying the company of family and friends. Does your lounge room feel inviting? Consider rearranging the furniture to encourage conversation. Is there room for another piece of furniture or even a vintage conversation piece.


This living room demonstrates this perfectly. Instead of positioning the lounge in the generic L shape so everyone has a clear view of the TV, the lounges are facing each other so the TV is not the focus of the room.


Add a splash of greenery

Winds that go straight through you, dewy covered lawns and icy dusk and dawn tend to keep us inside and kill our desire for outdoor living. To compensate, bring a touch of the outside in. Leafy vines draped over bookshelves or subtle potplants to break up a naturally coloured room will be big this winter.


The elements of this room have come together so beautifully. Notice how the cold outside light assists the lights to create a warm feel. To break things up, a decent sized large-leafed plant and standalone chair for reading utilising the natural light from outside.


Rich Colour Schemes and textures.

We have just about seen the end of the monotone neutral colour schemes and are seeing lush greens, blues and pastels more and more. Leathers, velvets and other fabrics mixed with copper fittings are warming up properties Australia wide. Don’t think you have to spend big to look big, consider finding a one-off vintage piece in an antique store or on Gumtree and other trading sites to give your living room a unique look and feel.


Blue and green should never be seen, this is true but note the neutral colours in the pillows, lamps, brown leather chairs and gold on the coffee table and ornament helping to break up these two strong colours.


Functional Simplicity

A clean simple decor is our desired outcome no matter the season. Balancing function and simplicity can sometimes be a challenge. To keep a clean look, you often want things to be out of sight (TV remotes, warm blankets, kids toys etc). To achieve this, you might need to take the convenience out of the equation (putting blankets in a cupboard, remotes in the drawer in the TV cabinet). If you’re in the market for a new lounge suite to complement your living room, consider purchasing a chaise that has functional storage.  


Macintosh 3.5 Seater Chaise Lounge. Think Lounges have a large range of lounges to suit your budget and style requirements.



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