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Benefits of a Charcoal Sofa

Posted by Andrei Yakubovich on

Charcoal is a nice shade of grey and it can be a wonderful color for a sofa. What makes charcoal such a great color for a sofa? There are several ways charcoal colored sofas can add to the aesthetic value and visual interest of a living room. Here are just a few of the benefits of buying a charcoal sofa.

Charcoal is a Versatile Neutral Color

Charcoal is a little bit black and a little bit white. This makes it as neutral of a hue as you can get. There isn’t a specific undertone color, so it can’t actually clash with any other color. This simply means that it  can be used with virtually any possible color scheme. Greys can make some colors like vivid black stand out but it can also make white look fresh and clean. Even though trends in interior color schemes change all the time, grey is always going to fit in perfectly.

Charcoal Goes Well with Cooler Colors

Popping purples, acid greens, pale blues, and just about any other cool color can work with the clean slate charcoal provides. Cool colors don’t always do well with warms like beige, sand or taupe and they can seem a little too extreme when paired with black. But charcoal grey provides the perfect palette for the use of cool colors.

Charcoal Goes Well with Bright Colors

Charcoal grey is very versatile and can work well with brighter, even hot, colors. If you prefer hot shades of yellow, pink, orange or yellow, grey may be able to provide the perfect backdrop to make them stand out. Remember that charcoal is not “hot” or “cold.” This allows it to go well with hot hues. For people who like to use splashes of sunny and bright colors a grey sofa can help provide a subtle warmth.

Charcoal can Pull Colors Together

Charcoal grey works well with almost any individual color but it also has a way of pulling different hues together so that they work together in a decorative theme. Grey allows you to use darker tones along with colorful splashes of orange, blue or green. It helps them blend together instead of falling apart. You can add rugs that are bold and patterned and mix a variety of colors together when you include a charcoal sofa.

Charcoal can Provide a Soft Background

Beige and white are known to be soft colors and grey can have the same effect. Choosing a charcoal grey sofa allows homeowners to dress it in a soft, cottage- or chic-inspired line of accessories. Linen or twill pillows can be tossed on the sofa, or you can drape a nice knit blanket for a nice soft touch. Even though grey can be considered warm, it mixes well with just about any color scheme imaginable.


As you can see, a charcoal grey sofa can be used in almost any color scheme you prefer. Take a few minutes to look at a few of the charcoal sofas and other pieces we have at Think Lounges.

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