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The need for Think Lounges!

Posted by Joan Miranda on

Most companies are started due to a need not currently being met, Think Lounges is no different. Like most of you out there you know just how time-consuming buying a new sofa can be.

Your first experience is going through the top furniture websites then visiting the department stores to see what's on offer. You pick the sofa you like only to be told delivery will cost a huge amount, and in most cases you have to wait 8-12 weeks for the sofa to actually arrive. The price you see is heavily inflated by the companies advertising budget and fancy overstaffed showrooms.

Thats when we said NO MORE, why cant this be a whole lot easier and affordable. First thing was to offer sofas online, removing the need for overstaffed fancy showrooms. We estimate this can lower the price of your new sofa by up to 60%!

Then we said stuff these long waits, I want my sofa now! So we filled our warehouses with sofas so that if you purchased a sofa you could have it right away. We then said why so much for delivery? and how can we make this fair.

Free delivery was the answer to this, yes sofas are big and heavy and are a nightmare to ship. We spent years getting to where we are today and we are constantly improving our delivery solutions. Delivery in under seven days is the norm for our customers and we plan to bring the wait down even lower!

Now that we've handled warehousing and delivery how do we lower the prices without lowering quality? We decided to cut out the heavy advertising and offer such a great friendly service that you would tell your friends about us, and it worked!

We started to see sales increasing and wondered how could we give back. Our sofas are made from timber so it was easy to decide to plant ten trees for every sofa sold we figure this is the least that we could do. We also support Canteen along with a number of local charities and community groups.

Happy shopping!

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