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Ideas for Decorating with a White Sofa

Posted by Mary Olinger on

white sofa can provide an element of elegance and add just the right touch to a living area. White sofas have a unique way of making a room look and feel cleaner and brighter. They add a nice decorative element that makes it easy to design around; and they can make a small area feel a lot more open. If you want to keep the room calm, white makes it easy to add more neutrals; and if you want to brighten the area, you can add splashes of bright colors to liven up the space. Here are a few ideas on decorating around a white sofa.

Using Colors and Tones

You will want your white sofa to sit slightly off the ground so the fabric isn’t touching the floor. Neutral colors tend to open up the space and are a good option in a small area you want to make feel larger. Adding brighter colors help shrink the room and are useful if you want it to feel more comfortable and smaller.

Adding in Curtains

If you want to keep the white theme going you can buy curtains to use on the windows. In some decors, adding white valances to colorful curtains has aesthetic appeal. Using white curtains helps keep the white theme consistent and helps coordinate with the walls of the room. If the room has low ceilings, long curtains that reach to the floor can make the walls appear taller.

Using Pillows for Color

A white sofa makes a nice backdrop for colorful pillows. But if you want to keep the neutral look going you can use earth tones or neutral colors for pillows. Adding pillows, throw rugs or lamps of various colors can provide the room with a nice balance with the white sofa. Another great option is to use pillows that are primarily white, but have colorful prints on them. A white pillow with light brown stripes or a floral pattern can add the perfect touch.

Choosing a Coffee Table

A coffee table adds a nice touch in a living area with a white couch. If you want to stay with a neutral theme, you can pick a glass table. It will keep the neutral theme consistent. It’s also a good accessory to use in a small room and it’s easily cleaned using window cleaner.

Using Wall Decorations

Different types of artwork can be used to hand on the walls in the living room. A large frame which has a matte with several smaller pieces of art inside is usually appealing. To give the room a monotone feel, use artwork in black and white. Large frames help fill up the wall space, but a large matte will help stabilize the white in the room.

Choosing Right Sized Rugs

You can also accessorize with area rugs, but with a white sofa, it’s best to stay away from large rugs. Larger rugs tend to break up the floor lines, especially in smaller spaces. It’s best to use a small white rug if you feel you need one. It keeps the room light.


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