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The Importance of Balancing Living Room Colors and Furnishings

Posted by Mary Olinger on

The colors you choose to use in your living room for the walls or furnishings speak volumes about you and the way time is spend in this important area of your house. It can be quite tricky balancing your living room furniture with the right wall color and accessories. You want your living room to be welcoming for guests, but an expression of your own personality. It’s also important to make sure your color combinations coordinate nicely with your sofa or loveseat. Color has a huge influence on mood and comfort levels and since you share your living room with guests, it’s important to get it right.

Limiting the Color Palette

Keep in mind that too many different colors can make the room seem busy and uncomfortable. It is best to limit the colors to two or three so the room doesn’t become visually cheapened. Remember that your love seat, couch and recliner are going to stand out against the wall color. If you like brighter colored furniture, try using lighter colors on the walls. On the other hand, you may want to choose a light neutral color of the couch and a darker shade for the walls, or on an accent wall. Just be sure to stay with two or three colors max so they blend nicely together and do not clash.

The way Colors Affect Moods

Colors have three actions: neutral, active or passive. Colors can make a room feel airy and expansive, brighter, larger, or smaller. Darker hues tend to give a sophisticated and warm feel to a room. Bright and light colors make a room feel cooler.  Each color can create its own specific mood and atmosphere.

Red is an intense color and can raise the energy level in a room. If you entertain in the evenings, it can be great to stimulate conversation and makes a very strong first impression.

Yellow is also energizing and it can have a welcoming effect. When paired with white living room furniture it can make a room feel bright and large.

Blue has a calming effect and can make a room feel serene and relaxing. Since you are using it in a living room you want to use a warm blue like periwinkle or brighter blues. A white sofa can have a pleasant look and feel in a blue living room, and khaki furnishings can be visually pleasant.

Green is very restful on the eyes and can cool down a living area. It can help promote togetherness and comfort. Green also goes well with neutral colored furnishings like tan.

Blending it Together

When buying new living room furniture it’s important to make sure they blend with your basic color scheme. In most cases, neutral colored furnishings will go well with a variety of colors. By buying furniture that is a basic, neutral color you will ensure being able to blend colors in a variety of ways. Your walls provide a lot of color. If you want more colors, you can add splashes of your favorite hue by accessorizing.


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