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Complete Your Living Room with these Essential Accessories

Posted by Mary Olinger on

Successful living room design requires certain building blocks like a sofa and chairs, coffee table, or an ottoman. But having the perfect living room furnishings doesn’t really complete the design. Accessories are what can bring the room to life. The types of accessories people use vary with each person’s tastes and preferences as well as the overall living room design. These 5 essential accessories can complete a room.

Throw Pillows

Pillows are an important feature for two reasons. First of all, they provide comfort. A couple of pillows on a sofa, love seat or chair can provide extra comfort. Pillows can provide a little extra support for your back, or you can stretch out to take a nap and use a pillow to put your head on. Just a couple of pillows on a sofa or chair enhances the comfort level in the living room.

The other reason pillows are so useful is they are decorative. They offer you a simple, but effective way to add a pop of colour, some extra texture or patterns into the living room’s design without adding a large cost.

Stylish Throws

Throws are similar to pillows in that they can serve a variety of functions. They are a practical accessory since they provide something to curl up with if you are too chilly, and can add some colour to the room. Tossing a throw over a sofa or chair can instantly add a lift to the living room. Add some versatility by using heavier, warmer throws in the winter months and add bright colours in the summer with a lighter throw.

Living Things

Living rooms need something that is alive, other than the people who live there. Persons who are restricted by budgets can add a few simple plants. For those who are able to spend more on a regular basis, fresh flowers are the perfect touch. Any type of floral arrangement brings life and breath into a room. They can be placed on a coffee table or a mantle. They also give you the opportunity to mix a variety of colours in with the décor.

Relaxing Candles

Candles are an inexpensive way to set a relaxing mood when it is desired. It is one thing you should always have on display. Mantles are great for displaying candles and the holders can make a decorative statement. Have some fun with candles and their holders and change them up seasonally to keep the area fresh.

Personal Statements

Your living room should be an area of your home that displays your personality. The easiest way to do this is to add something personal. It can be different for each individual, like original artwork, photographs, or any other special, personal accessory. This will add life and definition to your living room and make it uniquely yours.


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