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Common Misconceptions about Decorating Your Living Room

Posted by Mary Olinger on

There is not an established book of rules for decorating living rooms, but over the years, we have come up with some unspoken do’s and don’ts. What if what we think has been the “rule of thumb” has been wrong all along? And who actually makes the rules anyway? There are a few misconceptions about decorating your living room that it’s time to discard.

Misconception #1: Small Living Rooms Need Small Furniture

It is a huge mistake to try and squeeze in a whole bunch of smaller pieces of furniture in a small room. This can make the room seem even more crowded, even though you used “smaller” pieces. It’s actually better to consider the limitations of the small space and then just use fewer pieces. Try using some average sized pieces that fit nicely in the room. You might use a love seat and a recliner rather than a large sofa for example.

Misconception #2: Sofas Need to Be Neutral – Always

It’s not a bad idea to purchase a sofa that is a neutral colour as it makes it easy to dress up with a few accessories and allows you to change the décor from time to time without purchasing all new furniture. Neutral sofas are versatile, but a bright or colourful sofa can stand out and make a room.

Misconception #3: Every Living Room Has to Include a Sofa

Most people feel like a living room is not complete without a large sofa. But in some cases, smaller sofa beds or a love seat can fit the bill. A sofa bed and a couple of recliners can be the best arrangement in some living rooms, especially smaller ones.

Misconception #4: Ceilings and Trim Must Always Be White

White has been the go-to neutral for ceilings and trims for years now. But if you want to spruce up your room and make it uniquely yours try using different colours. Black trim can create a sophisticated look while a bright colour or pattern on the ceiling can enhance a room. Just make sure to stay with the room’s core themes and select colours that are complimentary of the overall décor.

Misconception #5: Don’t Use Dark Colors in Small Rooms

Small rooms do not always have to be bright or white. There are some instances when a small room can benefit from using a dark or bold colour. This can make a room feel cozier, and dark colours can give a sense of richness to a room. Using a bold, or dark colour in a small room can add more of a dramatic presence than it would have otherwise.

Misconception #6: Use No More than 3 Patterns in a Room

It is really a good rule of thumb to limit patterns to 3 per room, one small, a medium one and a large one. But this is not the only option. For those who want to be more adventurous in decorating, use as many as the room can handle. Make sure to break the patterns up with plenty of solids, though, to give the eyes a few places to rest; and distribute the patterns evenly throughout the room. You can trust your own eye on this one.


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