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What Should I Consider when Choosing the Fabric of my Living Room Furniture?

Posted by Mary Olinger on

When it comes to buying living room furniture, one of the choices you will face is the type of material you want. You may already have your favorite picked out and maybe you simply have a preference. But when you are choosing upholstery or other coverings, there are several things to consider. Each fabric type has advantages and disadvantages worth considering. By thinking about these factors, you will be able to determine if you prefer linen, micro suede or leather furniture for your living room.

Is Your Choice of Fabric Durable?

For some people, durability is not that big of an issue. Each home has different styles and needs. The importance of durability to you can depend on how you use your living room and how much time you actually spend there. If you have children for instance, durability will be at the top of the list. If you only read or watch TV in the living room, you may not be concerned as much about the overall durability. The good thing is, that linen, suede and leather are all among the most durable materials you can choose.

In order to be assured your sofa and other furnishings are durable, you’ll want to think about two things:

  • Materials that are woven into a pattern are going to be longer lasting than printed one. Higher thread counts and tighter weaves are also going to be more durable. Thread count indicates how many threads are in one square inch of the fabric and the denser the fabric, the longer it’s going to last.
  • Select fabrics based on who will be sitting on the sofa the most. If your pets and children will be using the sofa or love seat a lot, leather or micro suede may be the better options since they are the most durable.

Does the fabric match your décor?

Every type of fabric has its own unique style. It’s important to choose a style and colour of fabric which matches your home’s décor. There are a few factors to consider about the style of fabric.

  • If you have a traditional style home, you’ll want a more traditional type of sofa and fabric. If you have a real taste and flare for decorating, you may be able to match two seemingly different ones, but typically the styles used in a living room should match.
  • Some types of fabric appear to be more casual while others have a more formal look. Choose the type of fabric that represents your own style or the overall theme of your home.

Does the fabric’s colour work in your living room setting?

For some, the colour of fabric is the first thing they choose. This is partly due to the fact that it can be what makes the strongest impact and it’s the first thing that stands out when you're choosing a sofa or love seat. Factors to think about includes:

  • Colour is usually the primary reason a person chooses a fabric, to begin with. Make sure the colour choice is something you are willing to live with for the long haul.
  • Avoid delicate colours if you have children or pets around.
  • Think about how the colour affects the mood in the room.
  • Unless you like trendy colours, they are best avoided. 

If you think about these things, you will be certain to find the living room furniture and fabric that best suits your purposes. At Think Lounges we have several fabrics and styles to choose from. Take a few minutes to look around our online showroom to see the variety we have available.

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