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8 Shocking Facts You Absolutely Must Consider When Choosing Your Lounge Fabric (Most Retailers Won’t Tell You!)

Posted by King Kong on

Fabric or Leather Lounge? The Definitive Guide To Choosing The Perfect Lounge The most important aspect of purchasing a new lounge is choosing your lounge fabric. When you choose the right fabric, it will set the tone for the room and easily fit into your lifestyle. But if you choose the wrong fabric, it can feel out of place and require too much maintenance and upkeep for your taste. And there’s so many factors to consider when choosing a lounge fabric! Do you want to do leather or fabric? Do you need something stain-resistant? What color should you get? There’s...

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The need for Think Lounges!

Posted by Joan Miranda on

Most companies are started due to a need not currently being met, Think Lounges is no different. Like most of you out there you know just how time-consuming buying a new sofa can be. Your first experience is going through the top furniture websites then visiting the department stores to see what's on offer. You pick the sofa you like only to be told delivery will cost a huge amount, and in most cases you have to wait 8-12 weeks for the sofa to actually arrive. The price you see is heavily inflated by the companies advertising budget and fancy...

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