How to Find the Feng Shui Money Corner of Your Home

The most talked about Feng Shui subject is wealth. There’s even a corner in your home that represents the area of your wealth and prosperity. Learning how to identify your money’s corner (or the wealth corner) of your house is possible using the feng shui tool known as the bagua. The Bagua is an energy map laid out over the entire area, and it is divided into a three-by-3 grid with eight zones in the center.

Your home reflects your life as it is the Bagua is among the tools that Feng shui practitioners use to comprehend the connection. Each category of the bagua represents specific aspects of your life, like relationships, work, education, and financial well-being. This region is known as “Xun” in Chinese and is often called the money corner or wealth. This position relates to your financial abundance, wealth, and prosperity. Also, it represents your self-worth which is closely linked to the material wealth of our lives. Our capacity to enjoy abundance and wealth is primarily determined by how we view ourselves.

Another point to consider is that many people say they’d like to work towards the accumulation of wealth, yet something else is happening. A trained professional can assist you in determining the root of your problems and determine what could be the most beneficial to focus on.

For example, you may not be earning as much income as you would like due to a lack of an occupation that supports you, or you’re not getting the support of people in your life who will help you achieve your goals. In such cases, it’s unlikely that you need to tackle wealth directly, and it may be more advantageous to concentrate on enhancing your professional career or inviting more beneficial people to your life.

How to Find Your Money Corner

To determine the area of wealth of your entire house, look at the formal entrance of your home, facing in direction, and then look for the left-hand corner.

Keep It Simple!

To simplify this, focusing on the wealth space in your office or bedroom is possible. In this scenario, you’d stand at the central doorway of your office or bedroom looking into it. The left-hand side is the most valuable corner of your office or bedroom.

Once you’ve identified the wealth area, observe the activity there. Are you seeing empty spaces? Cluttered? Well-organized? Take a look at what this could be symbolizing in a metaphorical sense. Perhaps this part of your house is in the dust and hasn’t been touched for months. Could this be a sign of the inability to review your financial situation regularly or change how you view yourself?

Tips to Enhance Your Money Corner

If you’re looking to work towards attracting greater self-confidence, abundance, or success, You may want to boost the wealth section of your house. Here are some of our top methods for doing this.

Fix Anything Broken

It may not seem like Feng Shui to you. However, making minor adjustments in addition to subtle and energetic changes is crucial. Things that are damaged, broken, falling apart, or not working correctly don’t cause feelings of abundance. Therefore, repairing the issue or letting it go is ideal.

Decorate With Purple

The color purple is a perfect color associated with the region of wealth, and so using something purple can bring prosperity and wealth. It could be a piece of art such as a throw cushion, a planter, or other object you are drawn to.

Bring in Plants

The wealth zone is closely linked to the element of wood, symbolized by plants. You can add a healthy green plant to this space to help you grow your finances or self-worth. A plant especially beneficial for this is Piperomioidesalso, also called the coin plant, money tree, and jade plant.

Decorate With Green or Blue

Blue and green are the hues associated with wood, so using these colors in your areas of wealth can promote the healing process and growth that occurs in this part of your life. Depending on your style and preference, you could paint the entire wall with either blue or green or opt for a smaller, less subtle accent.

Activate With a Water Feature

Within the Five elements framework, the water element is a source of wood, so incorporating the water part in the wealth zone can help. A small fountain is an excellent feature in this space, but ensure it is maintained well! Stagnant, dirty water will not enhance your home’s Feng Shui. If the water you see doesn’t seem like a good fit for your home, You can also add art depicting water.

Find a black art frame because this color symbolizes the element of water.

Add Amethyst

Crystals can be elegant and luxurious in space and are pretty easy to locate. Amethyst will be an ideal option for the wealth zone because of its vibrant purple hue and also because it is associated with the sensation of abundance. It can also bring the feeling of spiritual wealth that go hand in hand with material wealth.