How to make the most of small spaces with these ideas for living rooms

The best part about small living spaces is that they are affordable, cozy, and, most of the time, adorable. There are many challenges when designing a small area perfect for you. A small-space living will influence every decision you make, including what furniture to purchase, where to place it, and what colors to choose. A well-designed living room is easily transformed into a family area.

Even if your main living space is limited, you can create a cozy, inviting atmosphere that feels like home. You can maximize storage and place your favorite things as best as possible. This article has compiled some of our favorite ideas for small apartment living rooms. Browse through them for inspiration. The internet and the freedom of creativity allow you to find the best layouts for any living space, big or small.

Small-space Design Tips

Choose colors wisely: White walls, trim, and ceilings will make your space appear larger.

Use reflective surfaces. Mirrors will make any room seem larger.

Choose your finishing touches. You want to have fewer small accessories. Too many can feel cluttered.

Choose furniture that can be used in multiple ways: Take a cue from minimalist philosophy. Benches that have hidden storage and nesting tables can be a great space-saver.

Small Apartment Living Space Ideas

Here are 40 rooms, from tiny rooms bursting with creativity to large living rooms adapted to small living. They all show the best way to increase your square footage without renovating or demolishing anything.

Add an accent

If you want living room ideas for a small apartment, consider a small accent space, such as the one in this Dutch room. This small living room is visually attractive, thanks to the green arch.

Utilize under-bench storage

This small living room is made to appear more significant by using natural colors and ample light. They’ve also cleverly tucked away excess items under the bench.

Arrange your things with care

It’s okay to keep items sparse in all living rooms. This living room in Los Angeles is 425 square feet and has a lot of furniture. However, it is displayed, so the space looks neat and neat.

Stay with one color scheme

A continuous color scheme can make a small studio space or one room look bigger and more spacious. Senaida’s Denver apartment has a boho chic look that we love.

Go long

Are you looking for ideas to decorate a small apartment with a narrow space? This sleek Brooklyn apartment has a perfect layout. Search for pieces with leggy, light furniture that doesn’t add a lot of visual mass. Place essential furniture like your sofa or large bookshelves against the wall to maximize your floor space.

Elevate a niche

Even a tiny living room, such as this New York Apartment, can be ideal. Soft textures and soothing colors emphasize the cozy feel of a small space.

Embrace a multipurpose room

There must be more room for separate living rooms, dining rooms, and breakfast areas. Take inspiration from this pink-walled Washington DC Studio to carve out these areas. This decorating strategy can transform a small apartment into a more open layout with the correct furniture sizes.

Reduce the size and increase the build-up

You can take advantage of high ceilings in your home. Decorate vertically with high shelves and tall mirrors. You can also hang curtains several inches above the windows to create the illusion of an even larger house. These strategies, plus the smaller loveseat couch and tiny trunk used as a coffee table, make this stylish yet modest Brooklyn Studio appear larger.

Look to decor stores as inspiration

Consider the layouts of rooms in IKEA, West Elm, and Target. They’re excellent sources for small apartment living room inspiration. You can easily replicate the ultra-stylized settings of home store vignettes, such as this New York Studio, that reflect your home dimensions.

Reflect on your life

Mirrors are a great way to open up a small space and make it feel more spacious. Ayesha Curry and Parisa O’Connell created this fantastic optical illusion for their tiny home. What’s your opinion? It works perfectly!

Fill ‘er up

You should not overwhelm a small space with large furniture. But if you use a sectional sofa that wraps around the walls, you can create a cozy and welcoming room. This house we toured for a family of 4 in the UK is a great example.

Enjoy the coziness of eclectic style

This comfortable and sunny Philadelphia condominium is another example of how a small space can embrace all things cozy. Add a mix of personal items and furniture to create a colorful living room.

Keep everything linear

Try incorporating a variety of geometric and linear prints to add to your list for small apartment living room designs. The dramatic rug shown here is a great example. This will give a small room a sense of structure and create the illusion of more length and width.

Bring in tiny treasures and keepsakes to your home

This charming living room will captivate you with its personal touches and accessories. They draw your eye to each corner of this small space.

Use color to define spaces

Color blocking can create a larger living space in a studio. This Brooklyn resident used a hunter-green wall to anchor her sofa, making the room that contains her bed appear like two separate spaces. She made her living room look as spacious as possible by keeping the furniture minimal. Just a couch and coffee table, plus two magenta-pink stools.