The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Furniture in NZ: Trends and Tips

Outdoor furniture can be a great addition to any Kiwi backyard. It provides the perfect place for entertainment, relaxation, and dining. Choosing the right outdoor furnishings can be difficult with so many choices available. This guide will help you navigate the world of NZ, whether you are looking for a modern, sleek style or a rustic, classic design.

Trends In Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture trends reflect the desire for style, comfort, and durability. Here are the latest trends you should be looking out for:

Natural Materials

Wood, rattan, and wicker are becoming more popular in outdoor furniture. They provide a warm, inviting feeling to any backyard. These materials age gracefully and can withstand New Zealand’s harsh outdoor conditions.

Colourful Accents

Bright, bold colors are making a return in outdoor furniture. Vibrant hues such as yellow, pink, and blue add a splash of color to your backyard. Accents such as patterned throws and cushions can add a personal touch to your outdoor area.


The outdoor furniture industry is increasingly concerned with sustainability. More and more brands are incorporating eco-friendly production methods and materials into their designs. Furniture made of recycled or sustainably sourced materials is a good choice.

Multi-Functional Design

The demand for outdoor furniture that serves multiple purposes is increasing. Items like daybeds and storage benches, as well as outdoor dining sets that can be easily converted into lounging areas, are becoming more popular.

Consider Your Space

Consider the size of your yard, its layout, and any natural features like trees or slopes. Take into consideration the size and layout of your yard as well as any natural features such as trees or slopes.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Consider your lifestyle and the way you will use your outdoor furniture. Are you planning to host large gatherings or relax with a book? Do you want low-maintenance furniture, or do you not mind the regular upkeep of your pieces?

Invest in quality

Choose durable outdoor furniture that will last. Materials like teak and iron can withstand harsh weather conditions and require little maintenance.

Don’t skimp on comfort.

When it comes to choosing outdoor furniture, comfort is important. Look for ergonomic designs and plush cushions. Do not be afraid to try out different seating and style options to see what you like.

Add Personalization With Accessories

Accessory items like throw pillows, outdoor rugs, and lighting can give your outdoor area a personal touch and make it seem like an extension of the home.

Where to Buy Outdoor Furniture in NZ

Outdoor furniture is available in NZ from many brands and retailers, both online and in stores. Popular options include:

Mitre 10

Mitre 10 has become a Kiwi favorite for DIY and home improvements. They offer outdoor furniture in all styles and at all prices.


Citta, a New Zealand furniture and homewares brand, is known for its modern and stylish designs. Their outdoor furniture collection features sleek, minimalist pieces perfect for contemporary homes.


OceanWeave is a company that specializes in eco-friendly outdoor furniture. They use recycled plastics and teak that have been sustainably harvested. They are stylish and modern and place a strong emphasis on comfort and durability.

Danske Mobler

Danske Mobler, a retailer of high-end outdoor furniture, offers a variety of designs in teak, aluminum, and wicker. For those who want a truly original piece, they also provide customization.


The right outdoor furniture can enhance your outdoor experience. It’s important to research the many styles, materials, and designs that are available and take into account factors like durability, comfort, and weather resistance. Investing in high-quality outdoor furniture will allow you to create a stylish and functional space and one that you’ll enjoy for many years. The right outdoor furniture will help you enjoy your outdoor space, whether you are relaxing with family and friends or just enjoying the quiet moments in nature.