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How to Arrange Your New Living Room Furniture

Posted by Mary Olinger on

Whether you just purchased a full set of living room furniture, a sofa or a recliner, it can be difficult to find the exact arrangement. The living room is probably one of the busiest rooms in the house and needs to be both well balanced and functional. If you consult with a professional designer they will have a detailed plan for arranging furnishings. But you can make your own plan if you know what types of things to look for.

How is the living room primarily used?

Take a few minutes to ask yourself what types of activities you regularly use the living room for. If you are usually in there just to watch TV, then the furniture needs to be arranged so that the television is the focal point and easy to see no matter where you sit. If you typically entertain, you want end tables to be situated so that they can be used for setting drinks on them easily. Do you have space enough for a small reading nook? It is practical to provide guests with seating by arranging a couch or love seat together for guests but keeping your recliner over in a corner to provide you a quiet area for reading. Arrange your furniture to accommodate your most common activities.

What is the focal point?

You can find the focal point in your living room by standing in the doorway to see what grabs your visual attention first. This will also be the spot in the room that anyone else entering the room will be drawn to. It might be an architectural piece like a window or fireplace; but it could also be something you’ve designed to be the focal point like a painting. Every room will need its own focal point and the furniture needs to be situated to accommodate. If you want a television or a piano to be the focal point, arrange the furniture pieces so that they are facing it.

What is a floor plan?

It just takes a small amount of time to draw a scale drawing of your living room. Graph paper is the best source. Use each square to represent 6 inches. Mark the spots in the room where there is an opening like a door, windows, closets, radiators or fireplaces. These are immovable elements that need to be worked around when you decide where your furniture will be placed.

What are your primary and secondary furnishings?

Living room design is made up of both primary furniture and secondary furniture. Using graph paper you can cut out rectangles to represent your furniture pieces. Using this model helps you visualize where the furniture is going to fit. Start with your bigger pieces like the sofa and orient them to the focal point. Then decide where your recliner, chairs or love seats will fit in relation. Make sure to allow for ease of traffic in the room and keep the room functional.

Then you can place the secondary pieces of furniture in the model. Lamps, coffee tables and rugs can all be placed in relation to the larger pieces of furniture. Remember to allow adequate room between items. You’ll need about 36 inches for room to walk, and about 18 inches between couch and coffee table. Also consider which way doors open and allow room around other fixtures like furnaces or fireplaces.


Now that you know where you want to place everything, are you ready to purchase your new living room furniture? Click here to check out our wide selection of high quality sofas and recliners.


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