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Are You Considering a Sofa with Matching Chaise?

Posted by Mary Olinger on

There are many different styles and sizes of sofas to choose from. Some people prefer to add the versatility of a chaise. A chaise is basically a long piece, like a chair that extends out so the feet can be extended while relaxing. Not only are they very comfortable, they are stylish.
 The chaise, which is typically positioned on one end of a sofa provides support for the back. It also allows you to easily switch between lying and sitting. The only disadvantage would be the extra room needed for the extra piece. But they are well worth the expense if space allows.

Brief History of the Chaise

This unique furnishing is originally from Egypt where only upper classes and royal families had them. The chaise was considered a symbol of sophistication. You may have seen them in Greek art with a god or goddess reclining on one. History reveals three basic types of chaise lounges: duchesse brisee, Recamier, and meridienne. The duchesse brisee had a chair and matching footstool that connected to create a chaise. Recamiers didn’t have any sides but did have a backrest and a footboard. Meridiennes had a headrest that was very high and continued to slope downward toward the foot portion. This type had armrests most of the time. Now the chaise sits at the end of a sofa and provides extra seating and comfort.

What to Consider when Buying a Chaise

There are several things to think about when considering a chaise sofa. They may come in a variety of materials, different shapes, sizes and designs. First, you will need to consider how much room you have for a sofa and a chaise and where you may position the pieces.  It’s very important where you place the sofa with a chaise. For instance do you primarily want the furniture to provide extra seating? Does it need to be situated so that you can watch TV? Think about how well it will fit in the allotted space and how many people you are planning on accommodating. You may want a sofa with a chaise, or if space is limited you may choose a love seat with accompanying chaise. Look at several designs before deciding which will best meet your needs.

What type of material will you want?

You will also want to think about what material you want for living room furniture. Many prefer the exquisite look of leather and others prefer micro-suede or linen. This may be determined largely by personal preference. The idea is to choose a sofa with chaise that is aesthetically appealing as well as being able to stand up to large amounts of wear and tear.


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