5 Ways to Design Your Living Room Based on Your Love Language

Your love language plays a significant impact in your interactions with the world. It’s everything from the choices you make, the “vibes” you like, the ways you interact with people and the way you design areas of your home… everything is in line with your persona, personality, and way of life.

When it comes to your home’s design, your living space is one of the rooms in your home that’s the most welcoming. Beyond your bedrooms, your living space is where closeness, intimacy, communication, and connection are on center stage. This is why it’s typically designed to be.

Here are some tips for designing your living room by the language you love:

Quality Time: Arrange the Furniture to Evoke Socialization

Suppose your favorite language is Quality Time; you (obviously!) enjoy spending time with friends. If you’re like me, having lunch or drinking coffee isn’t just a matter of convenience, it’s deliberate, mainly if it’s in your home.

It’s a given when a guest comes into your space, and you’re prepared with appetizers and a plethora of beers (or shots of tequila ….whatever is your favorite).

If you’re a Quality Time type of person, You love making (and taking part in!) spaces created with the idea of connection in your mind. Socializing is essential to you, so your design is inviting, and your area must be large enough to accommodate more than a couple of guests. Your furniture should be oriented towards the inside, creating an almost circular look. This can help encourage people to talk, allowing everyone to feel more comfortable and naturally develop a sense of openness and relaxation.

Acts of Service: Create Hospitality Opportunities & ‘Stations’

If your favorite language is Acts of Service, you’re the kind of person who is focused on being generous and giving to others. It will be evident when someone walks into your home with the rack for their shoes, coat rack, or the gesture of taking their coat and exchanging it for an ice-cold glass (or wine).

If you’re naturally generous, You’re all about making your living space (and your entire house truly) feel inviting and warm right from the moment someone arrives.

What someone may observe in your living room could be a cafe that includes hosts-served hot or cold brew mini cups and sugar and cream that you can serve yourself. Maybe even a dining experience that you carefully and thoughtfully distribute.

Your living space is a place to relax, and, as someone committed to helping others and giving back, this is a natural thing to do and appropriate.

Words of Affirmation: Designate Areas for Deep Conversation

Suppose your favorite language is words of Affirmation. In that case, you likely have a motivational quote or poster (or three, five, 15, 15 …) displayed on the wall, complemented by guestbooks or journals (that allow personal notes, obviously) and other elements that are focussed around the phrase.

If you’re a person who is a word lover (read one who is a lover of conversations and having heart-to-hearts with anyone possible) If you are also a word-loving person, you might need spaces in the living room that are suitable for conversations.

Sitting down and engaging in a conversation. If you can entertain more than a handful of guests, Most of the time, a small group or one-on-one chat with two chairs in a row could be the ideal option to savor your coffee.

Physical Touch: Invest in Comfortable & Cozy Furniture

If you’re a Physical Touch person, you relish any chance to get close and personal with your friends and family. You, for example, typically like a large sofa instead of a separate arm

chairs (so you can cuddle together with your family members and snuggle with them) or large enough blankets for multiple people to be covered instead of smaller, separate ones.

It’s not like other living spaces that might have formal furniture or an ‘edgy style to the room; it is all about being comfortable, relaxing, and perhaps slightly chaotic. You enjoy having all the furniture nearby instead of having large areas. You’re interested in subtle hues, warm shades, and dim lighting.

Gifts: Display Your Favorite Items As a Part of Your Decor

If you are a lover of gifts (both at the time of receiving and giving end), the living room is where you can showcase the unique items that other people have given you in thoughtful ways. When you are designing, think about how your decor could be a telling of the story. From bulletin boards that showcase your kids’ artwork or awards to a china cabinet that displays beautiful glassware or figurines and more, you can design your space to be the celebration of memorable memories, treasures, and even people.

If you’re a present-giver, you’ll likely want to include small things your guests can take and take pleasure in, such as an assortment of chocolates or mints, for instance. Anything that makes your area seem less like an empty home and closer to a place to call home (to you and everyone else who visits).