Gas fireplaces offer a safer alternative to wood-burning ones. Gas fireplaces don’t produce any smoke, soot or sparks. However, homeowners should still take some precautions to keep their families safe. We are the leading provider of gas conversions and gas fire place services. Here is a list of safety tips that will help you to stay warm and safe this winter.

Gas fireplaces can be a convenient way to heat your home, but there are some safety precautions that every homeowner must take.

Don’t forget about Clearance Zones

A clearance zone is a space around your gas fire where it’s not safe to put flammable materials or items that are easily damaged. We remind our customers that when we install gas fires, they should not place items like wood, paper, furniture and window treatments close to the fireplace or against the safety glass barrier. The clearance zone for your fireplace will depend on the model and make of your unit.

Check the safety screen barrier

Gas fireplaces are usually equipped with a glass panel to separate the firebox and your home. This panel can be extremely hot, but it makes your fireplace safer and more efficient. Most direct vent fireplaces manufactured after 2015 have a safety screen to prevent burns. We recommend you check the safety screen on your fireplace to ensure it is attached properly.

Test Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

We recommend that all homeowners install smoke detectors as well as carbon monoxide alarms in every room of their home. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are both essential safety devices that can save your life. Even if your fireplace appears to be functioning correctly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that something could go wrong. You should check your detectors regularly to ensure that they work properly.

Schedule an Annual Inspection

Gas fireplaces should be checked regularly, just as you would smoke detectors. Professional inspections and maintenance are recommended annually to extend the life expectancy of your fireplace as well as identify any safety concerns that may need to be addressed. Gas fireplaces should be inspected by homeowners at least once per year.

Keep children and pets away from the fireplace

The glass and metal surrounding a gas fire can reach high temperatures and remain hot even after the fireplace has been turned off. Children and pets should always be supervised and taught to stay a safe distance. Consider creating a “no play zone” at least 1 to 2 feet away from the fireplace, or installing a safety gate. You should also keep the remote control for your gas fireplace hidden.

Report problems ASAP

Stop using your gas fireplace if it doesn’t heat or light, or if there are changes in the flame appearance or smell. Have a professional check it out ASAP. Croft Fireplace, theĀ leading provider of gas fireplaces services all brands. Make an appointment to have your gas fireplace repaired or maintained annually. This will ensure that it provides the best warmth and comfort throughout the season.