Cleaning your cleaning cupboard 

Cleaning products are usually large and bulky. This is especially true when there’s a product to solve every problem at home, from degreasers or polishes. How can you keep your cleaning supplies organized so they don’t make a mess?

A professional cleaner’s top tip is to organize your products. It is not only easier to find what you need, but also more likely that you will keep your house clean and organized.

Experts recommend 12 different ways to organize your cleaning supplies.

How to Organize Cleaning Materials

When you are preparing for spring cleaning, it is important to declutter and organize your cleaning supplies.

Homes & Gardens Volume 0% Play SoundHere’s how professionals do it.

Start by removing the clutters.

When decluttering, you can make the task easier by using some tips. This will help reduce how much stuff you need to store in your often limited storage space. Benjamin Ottis, the founder of full-color cleaners, says that when you are starting to eliminate cleaning supplies, it is important first to narrow down your list.

He suggests that you get rid of any supplies that have expired, are empty, or have not been used for a while. When you dispose of these items, he says to make sure that they are disposed of properly.

To make future decluttering simpler, label all supplies with their names and expiration dates.

Benjamin Ottis founded Full-Color Cleaners along with his brother, using only some cleaning products and their mother’s car. The business has evolved into a cleaning school that serves the Austin, TX, region.

Use a Caddy

To make it easier to start cleaning, place all your products in one location and easily accessible. What’s the solution? Cleaning expert Laura Avila of Cleaning Fan says that a portable cleaning caddy is the solution.

She suggests using a caddy that has different compartments to store other cleaning products. This will make it easier for you to locate what you are looking for quickly.

Laura Avila is a cleaning enthusiast with years of experience. She now offers practical tips on how to keep a home clean and organized.

Cleaning is easier and more efficient with this cleaning caddy.


The Container Store offers an organizer that is ideal for storing bottles and cleaning cloths in a convenient location.

The Farmhouse shoe organizer will help you make the most out of your available space. Three top hooks can be positioned on any closet door to create instant storage.

Add HOOKS to the Inside of the Doors

Small hooks such as the Command Hooks available on Amazon can be used to store smaller items like towels, clothes, and gloves.

You can also add baskets to cabinet doors using command strips, says Andrea Brame. She is a professional declutterer and the founder of This Modern Mess. They are perfect for cleaning products, trash bags, and handled dusters.

Andrea Brame founded This Modern Mess in order to help busy moms declutter their living spaces, bring calm back to their homes, and enjoy more relaxing family time.

Add A Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning schedule templates such as “different day, different rooms” housekeeping schedules can help you keep track of your chores. However, experts recommend adding a checklist to your cleaning supplies organization to avoid having to write the list each time you tidy.

Laura Avila, a cleaning expert, says that this can help you stay organized and make sure you have the right supplies at hand. You can create a cleaning schedule using a calendar or planner and place it in a prominent location at home.

Give a purpose to the space under your sink.

The pipework under the sink and the cool, moist environment can make organizing difficult. This means you shouldn’t store many items under your sink. This is a great place to store cleaning products and manage them.

Andrea Brame, a professional declutterer, says: ‘I recommend you use stackable drawers and bins for “Tetris” storage around pipes and disposals.’ This way, you can easily pull out certain drawers or bins to access the items you need and use up all of your storage space.

This under-sink expandable organizer from The Container Store is great because it has moveable shelves that make working around pipes and sink pipes super simple.

The Under Sink Organizer expands from side to side and can be adjusted to fit pipes underneath your sink. The shelves can be adjusted in height, and the organizer expands side-to-side. You can remove one or two frames to make room for a garbage disposal or a low-hanging pipe.

VIEW DEALUse an EXPANDING RAIL to HANG Sprays in Cabinets

You can use an extendable pole to hang cleaning supplies in a corner or on a wall, freeing up space in your closet or cupboard. Lauren Doss is the cleaning expert and owner of Nashville Maids. She says that she uses an extendable pole for hanging cleaning supplies on a corner or wall to free up space in a closet or cupboard. You can use it for smaller items such as brooms or dustpans.

You could also add a small extendable pole to the cleaning cabinet. This will help you lift the bottles from the bottom of the cupboard and allow you to store items underneath.

This adjustable organizer allows you to hang bottles and place cleaning containers on the top in small corners and clean cabinets.

Make Baskets for Each Room

You can use a good storage basket in many ways around the house. One of the best ways to make cleaning easier is by organizing your cleaning products according to room. Cleaning professional Laura Avila says that organizing your cleaning products by type will help you save time. Create a basket for each room, such as the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, etc., to make it easier to grab a basket on the go.


The lazy susan is one of the products that professional organizers cannot live without. And for good reason, too! These lazy susans are perfect for organizing deep cabinets, whether you’re trying to organize cleaning supplies or ace your food storage.

Andrea Brame, a professional declutterer, recommends using a giant lazy susan/turntable for deep storage areas. Spin the turntable to grab what you want, and then go.