Coffee table with storage

The large table is wrapped in faux leather in burgundy. It makes a bold statement in the colorful space. The top of the table can be opened to create plenty of storage for blankets, media equipment, and other items. A collection of trays can be used to store small plants, knickknacks, and more.

Second-hand Storage

Use a vintage trunk in your attic as a coffee table. The trunk is the perfect living room storage option because it can hold a lot. You can organize your items using smaller containers or baskets to break up the space. Look for trunks in antique and vintage shops if you don’t have one.

Neat and Tidy

Consider open shelving if you need to store many items of the same size, such as magazines, books, or blankets. When neatly stacked, it can look very pleasing. It’s also easy to maintain. To keep oddly shaped items organized, use lidded boxes.

Blend In

Try a basket to add subtle storage in your living room. The lower shelf of this two-tiered coffee table has a large wicker catchall that can hold magazines, cords, and remotes. The table’s wood grain matches its brown color, and the large size allows for fun accents.

Skinny Storage

Many ottomans are also perfect for use as coffee tables. This upholstered version reveals a shallow storage area that can hold board games and family room essentials. You should know what you want to store if you are looking for a storage ottoman. Knowing your required size and capacity will help you choose the best option.

Under Cover

Pretty poufs are the perfect solution for a lack of seating in a smaller living area. These adorable seats can be stored under the coffee table and brought out to welcome guests. Look for chairs or stools that can be opened up to maximize storage. You can store extra items in the seat or stool and still have them at hand.

Bank On Baskets

Baskets can organize your child’s playthings on a coffee table in the family or playroom. Labels are used to assign a basket for each child, and small plastic containers are used to organize the collections. Only toys fitting into the basket should be allowed in the living room. Extras should be kept elsewhere. The baskets will look clear and well-filled if you use this trick.

Tray Talk

Consider a tray if you only have a few things to store. Ideally, you can customize your design to fit your coffee table and storage needs. Finding what you need when you group frequently used items in one place is easy. A tray with a decorative design can also add style to your space. This wicker tray, for example, enhances the rustic look of this outdoor living space.

Slide Out

Storage is easy with sliding drawers built into a coffee table. Load the table with your items, then slide it out of view. This feature is available on coffee tables. You can also repurpose existing furniture, such as a shallow dresser or console table.