How to Apply Feng Shui to Your Dining Room

In Feng Shui, the dining area is an image of harmony and family. It is a space where people meet for dinners and celebrate, so it’s also a symbol of your friendships and relationships with the community. In the ideal scenario, you would like the energy flowing through this section of your home to support associations and social gatherings. Utilizing feng shui can ease the power of your dining area to create a more peaceful place to gather with your loved ones and family. If you’re looking to reduce the drama in your family, build more intimate relationships, or make a welcoming and comfortable area for your family to enjoy dinner together, Here are some methods to apply Feng Shui to your dining area.

Dining Room Table

The shape is among the tools Feng Shui practitioners employ to alter the energy within an area. You can decide on the form of your dining table to help support a particular point you’d prefer to cultivate. A rectangular or square table is ideal for those who want to bring more excellent stability and a sense of grounding or if you aim to reduce the stress in your friendships or family. A round or oval table can create a smooth, soft flow of Qi (energy) around the space.

Dining Chairs

If you want your guests and family to unwind and relax, ensure you can sit comfortably in the dining room. Find chairs with supportive backs that are simple to climb into and out. Also, there should be enough space around each chair to allow them to be removed from the table quickly, and guests feel free to squeeze into or out.

It’s an excellent idea to consider how many dining chairs you have. If you want more friends and guests in your house, ensure that you can seat more guests than people within your home. For instance, couples that want to host larger dinner gatherings should consider having four or six chairs for their dining area table. Even if you don’t utilize these chairs regularly, the extra seating will create space for family and friends to enter your home and your life.

Wall Color

If you’re trying to decide on the color to paint the walls of your dining space, You can consult the feng shui color theory for guidance. Select a color compatible with your goals for how you’d like to utilize your dining space and choose one you enjoy. Here are some Feng Shui-inspired colors that you may consider incorporating into your dining space:

Red can stimulate appetites and bring a warm and expressive spark of vitality to your parties.

Yellow and brown are grounding and nourishing and are linked to stable earth energy. Yellow is also associated with more joy.

Blues, greens, and mid-tones add a positive and calming wooden component to your home.

Gray and white are popular colors that provide an aesthetically pleasing and neutral background. They’re more focused on completing tasks, getting things done and less on food and having fun. We suggest adding some red accents to add some fire to make the room more comfortable.

Area Rugs

A rug that is area-specific is an excellent accessory for the dining room as it helps calm the atmosphere in the room. From a design point of view, choosing an area rug suitable for the space is essential. It is crucial to ensure that the dining area is big enough to ensure that your dining chairs remain on the rug as they move away from your table. You could also add another layer of feng-shui by selecting an area rug that matches some of the colors listed above.

Artwork, Mirrors, and Decor

Remember to include some decorative elements to make your home your individual. The dining area is the perfect place to have images that bring feelings of abundance. The capacity to nourish yourself with delicious food is linked to prosperity and abundance in Feng and Shui. Art is an excellent option to add color to improve the energy of your dining area.

Mirrors in your dining area will enhance the quantity of the beautiful food and extravagant meals you offer your guests and family. Select the mirror you are fond of and put it in a spot where it will reflect your table and any other items placed on it.

You could also include freshly cut flowers or even a dish of fruits to bring in certain kinds of energy. This is a fantastic method to experiment with feng shui and colors in your dining space without needing the walls to be painted or purchase new furniture. You can try the vase of flowers in yellow to promote overall well-being and happiness, red flowers to boost your energy and bring joy, greenery to encourage compassion and flexibility, and a bowl of oranges to get an optimistic Yang energy.