Places to Use Paint or Wallpaper to Create a Fun Design Moment  

Interior designers are constantly seeking ways to make their spaces more memorable. Few things stay in a person’s memory more than a striking splash of color or an attractive design. Therefore, playing around with wallpaper and paint is an essential strategy for designers. To get a glimpse of the possibilities, here are ten ways designers can employ wallpaper or paint to add some color to interior spaces.


A beautiful staircase is one of the most significant demands I receive from homeowners. If you’re planning your staircase, you’ll have plenty of possibilities. If you’re keeping the stairs you have and wish to make them more attractive, look at the risers for stairs, which are the vertical portion of every step you see when you ascend.

The area could quickly and relatively inexpensively be covered with paint, wallpaper, or tiles to create a stunning accent. The risers of this Dallas home are covered in beautiful patterned tiles. However, you can achieve similar results using wallpaper.

Look for an interior designer, decorator, or architect around your home. Moon DESIGN It is also possible to paint solely the treads on the stairs. Two hues of blue impressions mix on a riser painted identically white as the walls surrounding them and the trim. This technique creates the appearance of floating. Brian O’Tuama Architects: Another possibility is to Paint your treads and risers with vibrant colors. A beautiful carpet runner highlights a deep orange that offers style, security, and.

The runner protects the paint from scratches. If you don’t have shoes at home, the stairs painted with paint should last easily if you choose to use professional-grade paint. In any case, it’s recommended to have an extra supply of color for touchups as required.

Find stair and hall runners rug Alison Kandler Interior Design If you don’t need an actual carpet, you can make the appearance of one with paint. A good rule of thumb is to leave approximately 4 inches of space between the edge that forms the “runner” and the wall and fence.

The most important thing to remember is that a stair painting project can take several days, even if you work with experts. Be sure to plan your project to reduce the amount of traffic going between the steps. One option is to paint alternate treads and stroll between wet steps. However, this can add time to the project.

Need a pro for your home remodeling project?

Let Houzz discover the top professionals for you. Find Pros Allee Architecture + Design, LLC Here’s a fun and colorful runner idea. Three blue stripes provide the impression of a seaside in the interior of a Connecticut home. To achieve something like this, you’ll need high-quality painter’s tape. It should adhere securely to the surface and then come off with ease. Don’t cut corners on tape. Perhaps you’d prefer to engage a professional to handle the project.

If you’re concerned about a surface painted being slippery, you should look for nonskid adhesives that could be put on the treads to give an extra grip. If painting your treads or risers seems too extreme, you might want to paint the details, like the new post. The aqua-colored position in the otherwise white and wood Atlanta home creates a unique moment.


Painting wood floors requires intense consideration, dedication, and commitment, but it can give a fashionable impression. Most people would not like their entire house’s wooden floors painted, which is why this technique is typically best in smaller or intimate areas, such as entranceways, bedrooms, or sunrooms.

Remember that removing paint from wooden flooring isn’t easy. It involves electric sanders, solvents, and hand-scraping, and in the wrong way, it could cause damage to the flooring. Always talk to a professional before doing it and take thoughtful thought.

If your wooden flooring is scratched and scratched and will require replacing shortly — whether by you or a potential homeowner, paint can help revive the appearance of a wooden floor by concealing imperfections and blending out gouges and dents. The less sheen the color has, the less likely you will see dings and undulations on the flooring.

If the floors in your home are dark stained, paint them white like the room shown in this article. It will lighten the room and give it the illusion of space. It is ideal for rooms with smaller square footage. Abelow Sherman Architects LLC: A Beautiful ocean blue floor brightens this New York bedroom.

Applying at minimum two coats of paint for good coverage is recommended. Make sure to paint in the grain and allow enough time for drying between coats. I highly recommend adding a sealer over the top to avoid scuffs or scratches. Jeannie Balsam Interiors: You don’t need to pick a solid color. The pattern of a floor painted with paint is a striking design element, like the checkered blue and white flooring inside this Boston sunroom.

You’ll have to create your design by taking measurements of your room’s length and width. The space and then drawing it on a grid to ensure the size and amount of ornaments are precisely what you’re thinking of. That’s why this is an area in which a highly expert in design or painting is suggested. M. Barnes & Co., This black and white pattern adds stunning design and contrast to the Dallas entryway. 


An easy and beautiful way to add a dash of whimsy to an area is by painting the bookcase’s back a fantastic hue. This can create a striking backdrop for your books and display items, forming an attractive focal point less dramatic than painting the entire wall with vibrant color. Vic Wahby Photography I would suggest not overfilling your shelves so that your bright color is evident. Haven Design and Construction: To add some zest, consider wallpapering the bookcase’s back with a vibrant design and color. I would suggest an unidirectional pattern that is small in size and doesn’t require any precise matching.


Ah, the fifth wall, or what designers commonly call the ceiling. It’s a great way to design a memorable moment. Paint or wallpaper.

The ceiling wallpaper can be less expensive than wallpapering walls since there’s typically less space to cover, and it’s a smoother surface. The fewer times you’ll need to cut and measure around windows and built-ins, the simpler it’s likely to go. The effect could be more impressive as opposed to walls.

Rencraft Ltd It is essential to ensure that your ceiling is suitable for installing walls. Roofs should be neat and smooth. Popcorn ceilings won’t work. If you notice cracks in your wallpaper, it could fall apart as cracks expand or grow.