Wall Moulding Designs to Elevate Your Home Decor

Wall Mouldings for Your Home Decor

You are tired of looking at the same boring walls all day long. You may feel that your home decor needs to include something. Look no further than wall molding designs! Add decorative moldings to your walls to give your home decor a sophisticated and elegant look.

The possibilities for wall molding are endless, from classic, simple designs to ornate and intricate patterns. There’s a design for every taste, whether you want a vintage, traditional look or something more modern and minimalist.

Explore some of the most beautiful wall molding designs to inspire your next home décor project.

Types of Wall Moulding

Wall molding can be used to conceal imperfections in walls and also make ceilings look higher. The designs are varied and can be matched to your style. Popular materials for wall molding include wood, plaster, metal, and PVC. Not only does it add elegance, but it also has practical uses, like protecting the walls from scratches and scuffs. Wall molding can be an inexpensive way to upgrade your home decor while adding sophistication.

Here are some popular wall moldings that will enhance the style and look of your home.

Chair Rail Wall Moulding

Chair rail wall moldings are horizontal moldings installed along walls at the chair’s height. This molding protects your walls against scuffs, scratches, and other damage caused by furniture and chairs. Chair rail moldings can add decorative touches to your walls by separating paint patterns or colors.

Crown Wall Moulding

Crown wall moldings are installed on the top of the wall, where the wall meets the ceiling. This molding creates the illusion of higher walls and depth in a room. Crown moldings can frame ceiling medallions or chandeliers, adding elegance and sophistication to any space.

Skirting wall molding design

Skirting wall molding is also called base shoe molding. It is installed on the bottom of the wall, where it meets with the floor. This molding conceals the gaps between the walls and floors, giving the room a finished appearance. Skirting wall molding protects walls’ bases from scratches and scuffs.

Casing Wall Mouldings Design

This type of molding is used for framing doors and windows. This molding will add dimension and depth to your walls, making your windows and doors stand out. The casing wall molding also fills gaps between the wall, window, or door frame.

Cove Wall Molding

Cove wall molding, or concave molding, is installed at the junction of the wall and ceiling. This molding softens the transition between wall and ceiling and creates a smooth, elegant look. The cove wall molding is also used to generate tray ceilings, which add depth and dimension.

Baseboard wall molding design

A baseboard molding covers the wall’s bottom where it meets the ground. This molding protects the wall base from scratches and scuffs and gives it a finished appearance. The baseboard wall molding also hides gaps between walls and floors.

Wall Moulding Design Ideas

It’s time to be creative. Here are some ideas for wall molding designs to enhance your home’s style and decor.

Picture Frame Moulding

Picture frame molding can create a decorative border for artwork or mirrors. This molding will add a special touch to your wall and make artwork or mirrors pop.


The lower half of the wall is covered with wainscoting. This molding adds texture and depth to walls, making your space more intimate.

Geometric Wall Moulding

Geometric wall molding will give your walls a contemporary look. This type of molding creates unique patterns and shapes for your walls. It adds visual interest and depth.

Combination Moulding

Mix and match wall moldings to create a unique look. You can, for example, combine crown molding and picture frame moldings to create an elegant and layered design.

Transform Your Space with Wall Moulding

The wall molding can be used to transform any room. You can add depth and dimension to the walls of your home, making it look sophisticated and stylish. Wall moldings can dramatically impact your home’s overall appearance and feel, whether you go for a simple pattern or an intricate one.

Adding Moulding to Your Home’s Design

Wall moldings are a great way to add style to your home. There are many types of molding to choose from to match any taste or style. Wall moldings can be tailored to suit your unique home style, whether traditional or modern.

Create A Classic Look with Wall Mouldings

The use of wall molding is a common design element that has been around for centuries. You can create a timeless style by incorporating classic moldings into your decor. Wall moldings can bring a touch of elegance and class into your home, whether you go for an ornate design or a simple one.


Wall moldings are a great way to elevate the style of your home and enhance its decor. Wall moldings can be simple or intricate, adding depth, dimension, and elegance to a room. You can create a timeless look by choosing the proper molding. Try out different wall moldings to elevate your home decor.