Wipro Lighting offers LEDs for Cleanroom Illumination

Cleanrooms are places where careful work is done to minimize contamination. Lighting is often not the first thought when designing a cleanroom. However, lighting is crucial for daily operations.

To avoid accidents and maximize productivity, an indoor lighting system is essential.

Because of their many benefits, LEDs have taken everyone by surprise. These include energy efficiency, cost-savings, different colors, and longer lifespans. Many lighting professionals and innovators emphasize using LED lighting across various spaces, including cleanrooms, to reap the maximum benefits.

Wipro Lighting is a top Indian lighting manufacturer and offers a wide range of cleanroom lighting options.

Vision Plus

Wipro Lighting has created one of the most efficient luminaires for cleanroom illumination. LED lighting has many benefits that users can benefit from. Vision Plus is the right choice if you are looking for an LED lighting solution for your pharmaceutical or sterile area. Lighting professionals also use this product for industrial lighting.

You can choose Vision Plus TOCR (top) or Vision Plus BOCR(bottom).

This product is designed to infuse cleanrooms with innovation and durability. It features a CRCA bottom frame, a housing cover, and a control gear compartment. The luminaire can be fitted with LED for a stylish yet simple look. The luminaire is available in monochromatic colors and can be screwed with SS or other options.

These features are not the only ones that the Vision Plus LEDs have. They also include specially designed plates, gaskets, and positive locking mechanisms.

Vision LED

Vision LED is second on the list. Vision LED offers a variety of mounting options, including recessed and bottom-opening compatibility. The luminaire is connected via PoE (Power over Ethernet) and can transform traditional cleanroom lighting into the most advanced, with data monitoring, motion sensors, anti-glare, and motion sensors.

This indoor LED light is ideal for hospitals, industries, pharmaceuticals, and other sterile areas. The Housing is powder-coated with CRCA, and the bottom frame includes a reflector. This luminaire features a high-temperature Metal Clad, PCB, and Housing specially designed to provide excellent heat dissipation.

Vision LED, an LED lighting solution, is suitable for cleanroom illuminations of class 10,000-1,00,000.

These are two of the best lighting solutions that can be installed in cleanrooms.

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