11 Cozy Paint Colors to Warm Up a Room

As we bid farewell to summer and focus on the crisp, autumnal weather to come, it’s the ideal moment to refresh our homes by putting convenience at the top of the list. “While a cozy room is often associated with chilly nights curled up by a roaring fire, there are certainly rooms that take on a very cozy look while remaining fresh and light, even in the hottest days of the summer,” says Andrea Magno, director of color marketing and development at Benjamin Moore. “Many times, a room designed with close attention to texture and layering is successful in bringing that welcoming feel that makes a room particularly appealing.”

The lighting and color are also important factors. Interior designer from Atlanta Jasmine Crockett of JoyMeetsHome states that choosing the right paint color can create a mood, draw on certain feelings, and create a comfortable, intimate, and calm space. “Additionally, choosing paint colors that complement the natural light and overall decor of the space can enhance the cozy atmosphere and make it more visually appealing.”

Olive Green

If you’re searching for a warmer, more earthy color, Dark Olive by Benjamin Moore should be at the top of your list. “This rich, deep green hue exudes warmth and creates a cozy atmosphere perfect for winter,” says Crockett. It’s the perfect shade to cozy in a living room or office and can effortlessly create an inviting, warm hue on kitchen cabinets and dining room walls.

Navy Blue

“This deep navy blue is the ultimate snuggle up with a cozy blanket and a good book color,” says Emma Beryl, designer and founder of the company based in New York City, Emma Beryl Interiors. Be prepared for the first coat. It’s dramatic, to be specific. “When creating a cozy space, you shouldn’t be afraid to go dark and moody,” Beryl suggests. “It will still be inviting, but it will evoke a different mood from the person who enters the room.”

Muted Green

Searching for a comfortable shade all year round isn’t easy. However, this shimmering green is perfect for the challenge. “Cromarty by Farrow & Ball is like an extra milky matcha latte,” says Beryl. “It’s earthy and grounding but still light and bright.” One of the advantages is its versatility. This soft green space doesn’t have to be restricted to one design.

Buttery Yellow

Whatever time of the day or night (or day), you’ll be bathing in the sun’s rays of summer morning light, thanks to the crisp, bright color of Tallow from Farrow & Ball. “This buttery yellow color is perfect for adding warmth to a space while remaining neutral,” Says Beryl. “When the sun hits, it makes the room feel glowing.”


Warm, brownish-gray, Urbane Bronze imparts a warm feeling of calm. “This deep, earthy brown shade adds a sophisticated and cozy ambiance to any room, especially during the winter months,” Crockett states. Crockett. It can be paired with Extra White (SW 7006) for a crisp appearance.


If 2023 is an indication, burgundy is back in an enormous way. For creating a warm and cozy room that feels luxurious and refined, very few can match the fashionable color. “A pleasing blend of deep red and brown, this color envelops a room, making even the smallest rooms feel like the perfect cozy enclave,” Magno says. Magno.


The multi-faceted warm gray paint is a blend of modern and cozy; according to Crockett, that’s the reason she believes it’s an appeal that is all year round. Picking a paint shade that doesn’t look outdated in one or two years isn’t challenging enough without being concerned about whether a color is still relevant in the spring and summer seasons. With Agreeable Gray, you can be sure you’ll have an inviting paint color that suits any season.


“The terra-cotta warmth of this mid-tone hue delivers a warm glow in a space that is endlessly inviting,” says Magno. To showcase its class and elegant undertones, it is recommended to combine Terra Mauve with Swiss Coffee (OC-45) or Cloud White (OC-130). The orange-burnt hue is contrasted with warm white.

Bright White

It isn’t easy to locate the perfect white. However, Beryl states that this color, with a subtle hint of blue-gray, could be ideal for the task. “A white wall is classic and clean but can sometimes fall cold; with this color, you get a white that leans more towards warm while not looking aged and dirty,” she states. “If you worry a white wall may make your space feel too cold but don’t want to use a color, choose Cloud Cover and bring in warm tones such as tans and woods.”

Sage Green

“This deep, earthy neutral green is an ideal choice for walls and cabinetry, delivering a look that is both classic and welcoming,” Magno says. Magno. Use it to convey natural earthiness and invoke the comfort and peace of a forest dotted with moss.


“Distant Gray is fresh and neutral but easily reflects the warmth of the objects around it,” says Beryl. “When you don’t want to go for a color but white doesn’t feel right, this is the perfect gray to make a space feel inviting,” Beryl advises, mixing it up with elements from nature and various textures, such as woods and carpets, to retain the warmth when it’s cold at night.