12 Decorating Ideas for Midcentury Modern Bedrooms

Loading admiring in the midcentury modern look for a clean and classic style. With wood-toned natural tones, curved lines, and minimalist colors, the iconic style is an excellent choice for bedrooms. Modernism was a popular style in the 1950s, bringing the world some of the most iconic classics like the Eames sofa and the tulip table. No matter what you prefer, the neutrals and the deep jewel tones, there’s something for everyone in this retro look. Learn to include parts of this classic style in your midcentury contemporary bedroom.

Calming Neutrals

The layered neutrals in this bedroom give it an elegant, calm feeling. Use texture, tone, and even materials to create interest in a neutral color scheme. The crisp white walls are the background for warm beige and brown wood accents in this modern bedroom, and cream carpeting helps soften the space. The floor-length curtains provide a sense of height, while a collection of framed artworks makes a great headboard for a low-lying upholstered one. A stylish armchair, as well as a set of nightstands made of wood and contemporary lighting, create a distinctive midcentury look.

Midcentury Classic

This large bedroom is the midcentury modern fantasies are composed of. A wall paneled with wood that has an integrated wardrobe, bed, and nightstands is an impressive feature that is typical of the style of the 1950s. To brighten the room, the carpet softens the space and blends with the hue of the floor-to-ceiling window treatments. Large windows flood the bedroom with sunlight and offer the view of lush greenery that connects the indoors to the outside for a classic midcentury style.

Complementary Colors

A vibrant mix with two complementary hues, blue and orange pop, pop against the white shiplap walls in this modern midcentury bedroom. If you’re using two accent colors, look to this room and blend the colors with a mix of solid bedding, patterned accent pillows, painted furniture, and rug designs with textured patterns. To avoid a clashy-matchy appearance, include metallic accents like these brass wall sconces and mix different materials and textures, such as a sculptural pendant light and Moroccan leather poufs in the middle of your bed.

Layered Comfort

The rich jewel tones, the layers of textures, and sleek furniture give this modern, mid-century bedroom a chic and cozy feeling. A dark blue wall creates a moody background with elegant white trim, colorful velvet throw pillows, and a white shag rug. Using natural materials is one of the main features of the mid-century style. In this bedroom, the low-slung nightstand made of walnut and a linen lampshade add warmth and break the over-saturated shades.

Midcentury Modern Nursery

Midcentury modern style is kid-friendly in this chic nursery. Two furniture icons from the 1950s, the black and white Eames lounge chair and the side table in a tulip style, enhance the nursery’s reading space and provide a cozy place to relax before time to sleep. The white floating shelves are filled with photographs, books, and toys. For some whimsy, bright yellow and blue are striking against white furniture and walls.

Luxurious Velvet

A moss-green tufted mattress provides a striking accent in this bright, modern, midcentury bedroom. The deep color and texture add a touch of class to sheets of white and pillows. Nightstands that are not in harmony add to the relaxing feel, while artwork framed and brass wall sconces add the look of symmetry. To make the space more cozy, you can layer area rugs. You can use an organic textured rug like jute or sisal as the base. Then, add a decorative rug on the top.

Bold Midcentury Bedroom

Orange and bright pops of color, as well as an imposing background, bring this bedroom to life with the mid-century modern look. Dark wood accents such as a credenza, an angled-leg desk, and a leather swivel chair – all pieces that go with this style of design–are paired nicely with warm accent colors and hints of brass. Don’t be scared to mix patterns. Look at this geometric wallpaper and the floral upholstery and mix them with patterns with at least one color standard to tie them together.

Warm Wood Tones

Warm wood planks transform the sloping ceiling of this modern, midcentury-style bedroom into an eye-catching central area. The hardwood floors mirror the wood planks. The natural wood creates an atmosphere that resembles a cabin. To make room for the ceiling’s height, a platform bed covered in light gray fabric rests on two nightstands with flared legs typical of the mid-century design. Black swing-arm lamps add the illusion of symmetry, contrast, and sculptural elements to the room.

Midcentury Meets Eclectic

Various patterns and textures transform this basic room into an elegant sanctuary. A burnt orange rug with geometric patterns is placed on the wall and serves as the headboard, and linen bedding and fluffy throw pillows provide a soft and casual look. Instead of putting paint on the walls, take the inspiration of this bedroom and focus on the ceiling. Black beams and black molding paired with light wood panels add drama and define that echo the front door and flooring to bring the room together.

Monochrome Bedroom

A predominantly monochromatic color scheme provides this bedroom in a midcentury style with a relaxing ambiance. Although white and black are the primary colors, they are utilized in various ways, from bedding and furniture to lighting and accessories–to give the room dimension. To diversify the palette, include natural textures like floating shelves of wood and wicker baskets or an upholstered bench. Also, incorporate greenery by using potted plants.

Blue Accent Wall

If a space’s design presents a problem, rather than battling it, take it on. The dark Blue accent wall, a lush curtain panel, and a long horizontal window substitute for the headboard in this inviting bedroom. The accents give the room height and draw the eye to a white ceiling that brightens the room. The yellow nightstands, mint-green pillows, and a red-patterned comforter bring a pop of color.

Music Lover’s Retreat

Bring out your love for music by displaying instruments on the walls ofyour bedroom wallsguitars on stands. Their curving designs break down the straight lines of vertical built-ins, vibrant stripe bedding, anda platform bed with a wood-planked base — in this modern bedroom. The barn door divides this bedroom from the bath and adds a sense of interest to a plain white wall. Artwork and ornamental items are displayed on the tall shelves on top of the bed.