17 Manly Tips for Home Decor for Men Who Are Lacking in Clues

It’s not just about brown and animal heads on the walls. Teddy Roosevelt is not for everyone, although we all wish it were. A man can make his house beautiful, feminine-friendly, stylish, and colorful while allowing his chest-thumping masculinity shine through. Decorating is not “effeminate,” as many people think. It’s time to make your home like the beautiful spaces men have created for decades.

We’ve simplified the process with our 17 tips for home decor for men.

Go Vintage

It’s a theme that will save you a lot of money. When choosing furniture and decor, choose items that have an antique or vintage vibe. They will look more stylized. The familiarity of older desks, couches, shelves, ottomans, and beds results from their age. Used items are more comfortable for people and easier to purchase because they last longer.

Comfort is the key

To avoid creating an ultra-modern space, ensure the decor is inviting. Find things that make you feel comfortable. can be changed to make something look, but changing how it feels requires a different approach. The first thing to do is make it comfortable. You can then focus on making it attractive.

Get Heavy

Weight is a critical element of masculine decor. The more masculine something appears, the heavier it is or looks. Light and airy is fine, but to keep things simple, the rule of thumb is that heavy items are the best.

Hide your Sins

Your vintage, heavy pieces are a bit worn out. Men are notorious for being hard on their furniture. Slipcovers over it or reupholster the furniture to bring out its newness. With a little lacquer and some sprucing up, even the most unkempt end table or armoire will look new again. It doesn’t have to look cheap or abused just because it is worn.

Less is more

For a man new to home decorating, minimalism can be a great place to begin. You can avoid a cluttered look by sticking with a few essentials and a few accents. These can be acquired with time. Decorating is a marathon and not a sprint. Then, pimp up your pad.

Show off Yourself

This space belongs to you and only you if it’s yours. Show off your love of planes and technology. Or music. Common sense is the key: avoid large comic collections and a frightening wall of pornography. However, there’s no harm in a classy poster-sized burlesque or a reprint of an old comic book cover.

War Room Your Walls

This is an excellent strategy for men who only care a little about art. You can use maps, charts, flags, and other items that you would see in the background for any battle or spy film to fill up your walls. Vintage and antique are always good choices. You can show paraphernalia by using old-school items.

Let the Outside in

Your View can be used to spruce up any room instantly. Letting the light in shows you’re not a hermit or live in a drug den. This gives the impression of more space in small spaces. To create a contrast, paint your window frames a bright color if your view is depressing.

Wood, Glass, Metal, Stone

If you need more clarification, here’s a list of patterns that will help. Men tend to gravitate towards things that look like real wood or have a metallic gleam, a pattern of stony granite, marble or slate, or are transparent. Mix it up to avoid looking like you’re living in a cave.

Flaunt sustainability

If you are a man, putting function over form can be a great way of decorating your home. You can create a feeling of global citizenship by showing your green efforts, such as with solar panels on the windows or a bicycle blender. Eco-consciousness in the home is attractive as long as it’s not littered with recyclables or manure.