5 Signs You Should Call an Emergency Electrician

There’s not much that a DIYer who is determined can’t do around the home. With Google, YouTube and the vast world of home improvement shops, it’s easy to fix anything. Even accomplished weekend warriors and homefront handymen take a rest from electrical work.

A minor mistake when working with electricity could lead to serious injuries and even death. This is particularly true for emergency electrical repairs; when someone feels a greater sense of urgency and decides to do it themselves rather than call a professional.

If you have any electrical problems, you should contact an emergency electrician immediately. Here are five signs that will help you answer the question, “when should I call an emergency electrician?”

Five signs you should call an emergency electrician

Sign 1: Buzzing or humming coming from the breakers

Call a Auckland electrician if you hear a loud buzzing or humming coming from the breakers box! These sounds are indicative of a faulty breakers that has bad wiring or fails to trip. It can be dangerous and expose your resident’s home to many electrical failures.

Sign 2: Burning smell from the breakers or other outlets

When an outlet or breaker box is overheating, you may smell a burning odor. You may notice the outlet is discolored or has burn marks. We recommend that you turn off the outlet and unplug any electrical appliances. Call Wisdom Electrical Limited right away.

Sign 3: Unusual sparking coming from electrical outlets

It is normal to see a small flash when you connect an electrical appliance to the outlet. When an electrical outlet is not installed correctly or is defective, it may spark. As an example:

Instead of the blue sparks, you can use yellow or white ones

The spark is visible for more than one second before it disappears

Sparks that are large and visible leaping out of the plug

Sign 4: Wires on water

Call a Auckland Electrician immediately if you see wires in the water. This can be dangerous. If someone or something comes into contact with water, or an object within it, there is a risk of electrocution or fire.

Sign 5: Exposed Wires

Contact an electrician immediately if you see an exposed wire. Exposed wires can cause fires or electrocution.

Emergency electrician in Auckland who are licensed to provide emergency services

You may not know when you need to call an electrician in an emergency. You may hesitate to call an electrician if you are unsure. However, it is always better to be on the safe side when it comes power and electricity.

Contact Wisdom Electrical Limited on 021 075 3551 for all your emergency electrical needs!

This post will hopefully help you to understand when it is time to call an electrician for emergency services! Wisdom Electrical Limited is proud to serve Auckland, Petone Lower Hutt Wairarapa, and the surrounding areas.