9 Coastal Bedroom Ideas to Inspire Your Next Room Refresh

Loading, relax and enjoy the experience of a vacation at the beach in your bedroom. A coastal-themed bedroom style can provide a light, spacious feel to any room, and you can recreate the ambiance of blue ocean hues and sun-bleached sheets without having sand dripping through your bedroom.

For inspiration for the next room makeover to help you get inspired, we’re sharing some of our top coastal bedroom ideas. Suppose you plan to decorate the interior of a beach-themed home or need to bring a fresh look to your bedroom surrounded by water. In that case, These ocean-inspired decorating ideas can be easily recreated. The rooms blend natural colors, rich blues, and nautical elements to give a relaxing beach feel no matter where you are.

Nightstand Decor

A way to give an ocean-inspired look without an entire bedroom renovation is to include textures and colors. In this case, the yellow headboard gives a warm color, and the chic nightstand is home to the shell-textured lamp, abstract artwork inspired by the beach, and the gilded figurines of heron. White walls and warm taupe linens let these colors and patterns stand out without competing for attention.

Coastal Gallery Wall

Its gallery wall adds a distinctive beach-inspired look to the space because of the harmonious greens and blues in the art. The clean, symmetrical design of the frames is sleek and polished, and the prints inside evoke beaches. Seafoam bedding, a natural wood nightstand, and a coral ornament are all part of the peaceful, beachy look.

Travel-Inspired Decor

Use paper maps to create an amazing and unique wallpaper that adds a bit of coastal style to your living space. Even if you’ve got a striking wallpaper, it doesn’t mean you must keep it in line and blend it into the decor. A geometric-printed headboard, a midcentury-inspired nightstand, and even a small sailing vessel all contribute to the nautical feel.

White Coastal Bedroom

One method to get the maritime style is to simplify the color palette by introducing brighter hues using texture and artwork. The worn and drab headboard appears like it was removed from the sea and then reconstructed. A few pops of texture, like the macrame wall hanger, abstract seascape paintings, and the patterned throw pillows, give a unique look to the minimalist bedroom and make the plain room feel more sane and purposeful.

Natural Rattan Shades

If you’re designing a bedroom with a coastal theme, consider the hues and textures you’d want to encounter when on the beach. Think about classic coastal colors, such as whites, blues, and greens, combined with natural textures like rattan or jute. If you’re not keen on clean white walls, a slick yet light blue can highlight the richness of the darker blue accent shades.

Farmhouse Coastal Bedroom

The coastal decor is paired with the rustic style in this gorgeous but straightforward bedroom. The soft whites and lux blues dominate the room. However, there are unintentional bright reds and yellows to add visual interest. The refined four-poster bed gives the space a contemporary and maritime vibe.

Layered Linens

With a warm and comfortable feeling, this beach-inspired bedroom is the perfect place to unwind and relax while reading a good book. Layered bed linens give an element of texture and warmth to the room as the blue headboard encircles the room. Decorated pieces such as blue glass jars enhance the ocean-inspired feel of the space.

Blue Coastal Bedroom

The idea of a modern, coastal bedroom does not necessarily mean avoiding glam-style elements like this blue nightstand with lacquer and a studded headboard. Do not worry too much about the shades being in harmony when designing a monochromatic color scheme. The lamp, nightstand, and pillows come in various shades of blue. However, they all look good against the white background.

Soft Bedroom Rug

A headboard made of shiplap painted with a soft blue hue gives this bedroom a relaxing, beachside look. It also serves as a focal point for the rest of the décor. A neutral and soft carpet reminds us of beaches and sandy shores, while the vibrant blue throw pillows are reminiscent of the sunny skies.