Couch arm table

Have you got any odd tiny conveniences around your home or life that you ignore? These little everyday items aren’t noticed anymore but can make your life a bit more comfortable regularly. One of those for us in our former home included the windows in our living room. We didn’t use it as a seat in the window. However, our couch was set up against it, which made it an ideal spot to sit and eat snacks, drinks, or other items as we watched TV.

Our house has a side table on one side of the sofa. Still, the other side has nothing – and because we have an ottoman to use as an end table, it can be pretty uncomfortable for those on the other side of the couch, especially if they’re drinking. There’s not enough space to accommodate a second table on the opposite side, so over the past few months, we’ve had to re-arrange our seating on the sofa based on those who drink and those who don’t (and if we both have a drink, one of us is going to have to carry it all the time). It’s nothing major, but a lot more bothersome than we thought it would be. Although it may sound silly and as frustrating as it may sound, we were determined to find a solution to solve this minor issue.

You can find the arm table for the sofa (also called couch sleeves)

I’ve seen these small items in various shops and on Pinterest in the past few years but have not considered much about these items. However, as we began to think of solutions for our drink issues, I realized that the couch arm table would be the ideal option for our needs. The arm table for the sofa is so easy to construct, and I am awestruck by the way it appears. It’s completely unobtrusive, occupies no space, and allows the person seated on the other part of the sofa to place their drinks down to be cozy while watching their most-loved Netflix shows.

This is among the quickest projects I’ve ever seen, and I will make it extremely simple. I’ve put together a short video to show the process; however, if you cannot view it, there’s an entire tutorial below.

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DIY Sofa Arm Table

One piece of 1×6 lumber (we made use of walnut). You only require approximately 2 feet.

Miter saw (you can utilize the miter box if you don’t have one).

Leather (this is an optional option and is not required, but it’s an excellent addition).

Polyurethane (this is the substance we have used).

Begin by measuring the sofa’s arm to determine the size you’ll have for your table. It’s best to build the top of the sofa arm table around half an inch more significant than the arm so that there is plenty of space to place it on. It’s your choice how you want to extend the sides of the sofa you’d like the table to slide. We went about 6 inches.

After getting the measurements you need, use the saw to cut three sections of wood using the pieces that join at 45 degrees. It is important to alternate the angles to ensure they participate in a U shape (like in the image above). You’ll also ensure that you keep your edges clean.

The pieces should be sanded thoroughly. Since it will be placed on your sofa, you’ll want to ensure you do not get any sharp or splintered edges that might snag the fabric.

Set the pieces with each other and turn them upside down so that the wooden piece’s flat portion faces upwards. Please make painter’s tape to connect the parts (this will make it easier to stick it all together, as you can see how it appears by watching the tutorial video). Flip everything over and apply glue to the edges that have been trimmed.

Then fold the sides inwards to make a table. Place something sturdy on each side (we employed paint containers) to keep the table in place until dry.

When everything is dry, it’s time to put on your leather. This step is entirely optional. However, we thought it was fun and could help protect the couch’s fabric from the sharp edges on the table (it can also provide a snugger fit and should hopefully stop any slippage when it’s being used). We used a Contact adhesive ( we like this one) to secure the leather to the table, then cranked it on as it was drying. It’s not visible in the final product, but it did give us peace of mind knowing it’s a bit soft on the sofa’s upholstery as we moved the table across the back.

Once the leather is finished, you’re ready to apply the top coat. We chose that polyurethane because walnut is a natural beauty. However, you can also stain or paint it if you’d like (I’d suggest doing this before applying your leather if you’re considering this way).

When your top coat is drying, you can set up your arm table on the sofa! Place it on the sofa’s arm and relax.

It’s a straightforward project, but I’m glad to say that it’s made our lives more manageable (which is part of why we’re doing this DIY project in the first place! ).

I also love that it’s simple to remove and store away in a place when we don’t want it to be on the sofa. If we’re sitting in a curly position and need to rest our back against the arm without something rubbing at us from the side, removing it from the arm takes only an instant. And it’s small enough for us to tuck into a basket nearby.

Who doesn’t like a project that looks pretty, solves a problem, and is easy to store when you’re not using it?!

The next thing on the list is filling in the side table on the opposite end of the sofa. You might have noticed an unintentional glimpse of the pictures on my Instagram stories in the past, and I’m forced to admit that I’ve yet to put anything on the table. The reason for this is that I’m still waiting for the lamp I purchased to arrive. However, the main reason is that I do not know what I want to put in there!

Sometimes you have to sit at a table without a place to sit for one or two weeks (or 3 or 4) before you can get inspired; you know?