Small bathroom vanity

Use the more petite vanity to bring a lot of functionality and style to your bathroom. Even though you have little space does not mean you cannot make an impressive design impact. From a wall-mounted marble sink with a contemporary design to a modern-day vanity with exposed pipes and matte black hardware, these vanity units pack a punch and provide ample storage space.

Whatever your taste and budget size, take inspiration from these 25 tiny bathroom vanity designs which stand out in design and functionality.

Single Vanity With a Shelf

Increase storage space by putting in a vanity that has an under-shelf. Along with drawers, the long shelf can be used to store towels for the bathroom or baskets for storage to keep various bathroom necessities.

Small Vanity With a Decorative Door

Make a statement on a single vanity by changing off a regular cabinet door to a glass front chick wire or even a curtain-lined door.

The curtain in the center and lattice door design are a great way to break up an otherwise white sink. The curtain also offers hidden storage space and adds a layer of pattern, color, and other materials to the room.

Brass Console Vanity

Bring timeless elegance to your bathroom by installing brass console sinks. It’s a timeless choice that is never out of fashion and works perfectly with modern bathrooms as with traditional ones. It can also be used as a towel holder, which is great if you cannot fit another bar or towel ring. This is an excellent alternative.

Vanity With Interior Organizers

Maximize space and maximize each square inch on your vanity using helpful organizers like these two-level sliding drawers. Instead of using up vertical space on an unorganized vanity with no shelves or drawers, innovative tools for organizing provide extra space and help you manage your bathroom essentials neatly.

Pink Vanity With Marble Top

The bathroom vanity in blush pink brings softness to the bathroom, and its drawers are ample storage. Give a traditional vanity a personal touch by painting it with a unique color and changing the hardware to unique knobs or pulls. It’s a cheap and straightforward technique that can make an immense impact.

Wall to Wall Floating Vanity

Letting a gap open between your sink and the wall is a way of wasting the space you need and needing to manage the burden of objects getting lost in the area and dust accumulating with no easy method to get it cleaned.

To stop this from occurring, put in an individualized wall-to-wall vanity that makes the most of the entire space and gives it a contemporary appeal, thanks to its sleek and clean look.

Antique-Style Bathroom Vanity

Transform an old-fashioned cabinet into a compact vanity with a lot of charm. The drawers are small enough to provide space to store bathroom necessities, and marble tops and a square sink safeguard the wooden piece and give it a contemporary spin. Brass mirrors, a faucet, and a pendant light perfectly match the vanity and enhance the space’s traditional style.

Single Vanity With a Toilet Paper Holder

If you have it close to the toilet, you can mount a toilet paper holder on the wall of your vanity. Make sure to coordinate the finish with other elements you use, and don’t be afraid to mix and match metals. Use as many as three distinct metals within one space to create a more layered look.

Wall-Mounted Vanity With Built-In Shelves

Consider thinking vertically and creating an extra storage room above the tiny vanity by using integrated shelves. The sleek frames resemble the clean lines of a wall-mounted vanity. The blend of cool and warm colors and materials helps to attain a visual balance.

Vanity With Multiple Storage Options

Choose a vanity with several storage options – cabinets, drawers, shelves, cabinets, and even a toilet paper holder to maximize space. This lets you keep various things, from bathroom towels to hair styling tools and items for your dental health.

Curved Bathroom Vanity

A freestanding curved vanity can express the classic design, mainly when it is topped with marble with the edge of a decorative design. Curved furniture is an excellent option for smaller spaces because its soft edges are less bulky visually and physically.

Small Vanity With Turned Legs

Give a white vanity a unique appearance by adding legs that are turned. An easy and cheap modification like this can make a massive distinction in elevating the vanity from basic builder-grade furniture to custom design. You can buy raw wooden legs at the majority of hardware stores. They can then be secured to the lower part of the vanity and painted in the same shade to look like they were part of the vanity.

Navy Blue Vanity With Leather Pulls

Make a simple vanity with just drawers, to give it a simple makeover by replacing the knobs with something unique like these pulls made from leather. They feature a unique material that’s wholly unexpected and stand out against the navy blue vanity for a striking design feature that will make an impact.

Open Shelf Vanity

Make the most of your compact vanity by selecting a cabinet with ample storage space. The open shelving design allows easy and quick access. To keep shelves tidy, clean and clutter-free, place things into baskets.

Stone Bowl Vanity

Include a unique design element in your bathroom by installing a sink made of stone on a small table. You can transform any sturdy and robust vessel that looks like a bowl into a basin, whether it’s a vibrant ornament you picked up during your travels or a massive marble sink like this. Put a basket of decorative designs underneath to provide extra space to store bathroom necessities.