Details That Count: How to Make Your Bathroom Feel More Luxe

What makes bathrooms that are high-end like a luxurious experience? Do you think it’s the massive slabs of marble that are expensive and the deep soak tub? Partially, yes. But, often, luxurious bathrooms can also benefit from a thoughtful design that makes the room look elegant or spa-like.

If you’re not looking to tear out and replace expensive pieces such as your vanity, tub, or flooring, look to luxury bathrooms and think of those fixtures as an opportunity to add some luxuries. Consider one or more of these nine ways to make your bathroom look elegant upgrade without spending a fortune.

Select striking lighting

It doesn’t matter if it’s a glitzy chandelier or wall-mounted sconces. Consider switching out ordinary lighting with one that makes an impressive statement. A chandelier placed in the middle of the room or above a soaking tub will create a stunning and elegant impression, as seen in this white bathroom,e. The crystal chandelier with the dark iron base creates a lavish shine but doesn’t detract from the white and clean palette. Blackband designYou don’t need an expensive chandelier to create a striking statement by the lighting. Dazzling pendant light fixtures or wall sconces above the sink could make your bathroom appear opulent look, And they can also be purchased for around $200 or more. Find something appealing and distinct design that is in harmony with the rest of the bathroom fixtures. The glass sconces match the chrome hardware. They add an elegant look to this basic bathroom.

Get your mirror looking stylish

If you’re looking for a simple bathroom mirror that’s a traditional rectangular or square form, opt for a mirror with more sophisticated elements. This mirror is a fantastic example of this: Its sophisticated flower design gives the room an elegant style.

Holst Brothers General ContractorsSelecting, the right mirror with glittery finishes such as gold or an emerald-like multifaceted rim, could make your bathroom look more glamorous. Based on t: he dimensions, wall mirrors could cost as little as $150. You can pair your smart mirror with chic sconces for a stylish appearance.

Pick a royal paint color

Dark colors on walls can instantly bring a sophisticated style to your bathroom. The dramatic paint colors, such as navy or charcoal, create an appealing contrast to the typical bathroom fixtures like white, which makes the space appear more modern and fresh. John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIAA’s dark color can also give an updated look to older wood finishes on cabinets, window frames, and baseboards.

Darker hues work nicely with mirrors and metallic hardware, allowing the fixtures to shine and become the space’s focal point. This creates an elegant and stylish look.

Update the cabinet’s hardware

Instead of spending a fortune on a new vanity, spend the money on new cabinet hardware to complement your current one. To get a more lavish look, choose bling-y models with some polish or the appearance of a striking shape or sparkle. The most stylish hardware is made of polished or brushed brass, agate, and crystal. These knobs and pulls can be purchased for as little as $10 and upwards for each unit. Structures Building CompanyFor the most cohesive appearance, match your interest or handle to the other items inside the bathroom, like the stunning new sconces or mirrors. The brass handles on the cabinet and wall sconces work well and add a touch of class to an otherwise mundane vanity.

Smell the scents and soaps

Have you ever fallen in love with the delicious soaps that smelled great in a luxurious bathroom at a restaurant or hotel? A small investment in the most luxurious soap for your hands is likely one of the most effective methods to add a touch of luxuriousness to your bath. The spa-like experience can be purchased for just fifteen dollars for an exquisite essential oil hand soap bottle. Consider your local big-box store, discount stores, and online retailers to find cost-saving alternatives. Arete CultureTo is a great way to make your home smell like a spa. Invest in a top-quality diffuser made of reeds and, should you be willing to swap the scent every week, an arrangement of flowers to fill your vanity. Fresh, welcoming scents can make your bathroom feel like the ultimate spa. Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.6. Make sure you double your towels. The luxurious hotels and bathrooms come with many soft, cozy towels. With a budget of around $12-$20 per luxurious towel, you could build this luxury in your own house.

CARNEMARK designs and creates tidy piles of towels on the shelves. Place them into baskets, or put the towels on benches. Keep the look sophisticated by choosing the same style and color towels. Plenty of a luxurious selection is left even after you remove one of the stacks.

Organize your bathroom with apothecary jars

Bathrooms are essential; we all are stuffed with personal items. You can organize these things more stylishly, the import items like cotton balls, scrubs, or bath salts in traditional glass containers for the apothecary. InteriorsJars packed with multiples of the same thing could be visually appealing, like piles of fluffy towels, creating a relaxing atmosphere in bathrooms.

Glass apothecary jars are located in the home decor department of many retail stores and online retailers for as little as fifteen dollars each.

Display art

You do not often think of the bathroom as a suitable location to showcase artwork. However, it will enhance the look of the space. Indeed, homes worth millions of dollars typically showcase large-scale art or collections within their bathroom. Just be aware that moisture (and sunlight) can damage some pieces, so you should display art in non-heterogenous areas of the room or choose more durable or less valuable works.TG-StudioYou’re probably not dealing with a lot of square footage or wall space in a typical bathroom, and that’s OK — it can even be an advantage since a diminutive room allows art to be the star.

The gallery-like look could also make it easier to remove the worn or outdated parts that may be present in your space.

Make sure it’s clean

This may seem like a no-brainer; however, a beautiful bathroom must be spotless and clutter-free. Clean your tub or shower thoroughly, and replace any damaged or stained grout if required. It is also possible to seal a damaged tub for a fresher appearance. Knowing how much life a new coat of paint can give an area is essential. Also, remove the unnecessary things. If you have an open shelving, put your items in a neutral bin like the ones shown here. Johnston Home Interior DesignTo keep a premium luxury look, you should ensure that your counters and ledges remain as straightforward as you can. Put the toothbrush and toothpaste inside a cabinet if you can. If some items must stay on the countertop, put them in a deluxe tumbler, such as one with mirrored sides or constructed of fake marble. Making these small changes to your everyday objects can go a long way to creating a fashionable and elegant bathroom.