Concrete’s Use As A Building And Furniture Material

The use of furniture made from concrete is fairly new. A few years ago the idea of concrete furniture was considered to be ridiculous as a concept. If you look at contemporary homes and it won’t be any surprise to see families sporting modern and stylish concrete table. In general concrete’s potential as a building material is indisputable. Concrete was utilized from as early as around 4,000 years ago by older civilizations such as Rome and even in the Mesopotamian empires. Therefore, its use as a building material has been long-lasting and has been improved over time.

The use of it in more complex aspects, for instance furniture and interior design applications, is relatively new. The innovation that it brought to those areas of space design began at the beginning in the early 1900s. Thomas Edison, interestingly enough is known for his work on the modern-day light bulb but he also came up with a myriad of other revolutionary inventions, concrete furniture being among the most notable. Edison established Edison Portland Cement Company. Edison Portland Cement Company which used a variety of milling and mining techniques to produce cement mixes that were suitable for home construction as well as blocks for masonry. The most famous furniture Edison constructed with concrete was the phonograph cabinet as well and other plans to make concrete musical instrument and furniture.

The Basics Of Concrete

The numerous applications and immense versatility of concrete have led to many unconventional applications for the substance. Concrete is used for furniture, for sure but also in sculptures and other art forms. The years of refinement and innovation have led to various efficient methods of setting and molding concrete. To fully understand the properties of concrete Let’s take a short glance at the basic principles of concrete.

Concrete is usually made up from two primary components which are cement and aggregate. The cement, that acts as the binder that acts as the principal “paste” of concrete, has a stability, consistency and structural integrity that is determined by the quantity of water added to it. The basic premise to explain this is that cement paste is subject to a specific chemical reaction with water that causes it to harden and crystallize. With regards to the ratio of water to cement the smaller the amount of water relative to cement the stronger the cement. However it is essential to have enough water added to ensure that the cement becomes plastic and viscous enough for it to flow easily.

The aggregates, which are classified as coarse or fine, is used to increase the stiffness and strength of concrete. They are constructed from clean and evenly sized pieces of rock. Fine aggregates can be created from 1-1/2 inch diameter gravel pieces. smaller aggregates are typically composed of smaller sand grains typically with diameters less than 1/4 inch.

A third component to consider is admixtures of different kinds that can be added to the concrete slurry. These admixtures serve a variety of purposes, including changing the time needed to set concrete, improve the strength of concrete, or alter its appearance and color.

The combination of these various components determines how workable concrete is. This information is essential in order to design intriguing and sturdy molds for various concrete furniture.

Concrete’s Use As Countertops And Dining Tables

Concrete countertops are constructed by hand, with care and precisely, so that various imperfections and defects can be eliminated. For countertops, concrete can look appealing as in addition to functional and tidy which makes it ideal for kitchens of any kind whether small or large informal or formal. The styles and layouts for concrete countertops are endless because of the extremely flexible and malleable characteristics of concrete.

Concrete countertops are also utilized not only in kitchens for residential use however, they can also be used in offices and restaurants that are commercial areas.

Its use as a kitchen countertop that is durable Concrete is also a great choice as a table top. The distinction between tables and countertops is the ability to move table surfaces, as opposed to countertops that are fixed. Therefore there are certain considerations to be considered when deciding to go with tables made of concrete.

The use of concrete as for a practical surface – as concrete countertops or concrete dining tables is a common practice in the world of design nowadays. There’s something appealing about the naturalness and honesty that concrete provides as a material for design that appeals to homeowners and designers alike.

Dos And Don’ts Of Concrete Furniture And Dining Tables

As we’ve mentioned there are certain safety precautions that must be taken into account when deciding the purchase and use of concrete tables and furniture. Here are a few dos and don’ts for dealing with furniture made of concrete.

1) Take it slowly

If you are transitioning from upholstery or wooden furniture, to concrete dining tables and furniture You don’t need to throw everything away. Even with its stunningly attractive design and style concrete isn’t going to be a popular choice for everyone who lives there. To experience the way you can find concrete furniture begin with small concrete pieces like tabletop decors as well as small paperweights and lights. 

2) Don’t expect curves

While the technology of concrete molding has made significant progress but it’s a reality that forming curvilinear volume or shapes with concrete isn’t as simple as forming blocksy, sleek shapes. Concrete furniture is often found and tables for dining that have smooth forms and sharp edges. If you’re used to the ergonomic, comfy curvy furniture don’t expect the same experience when you purchase the concrete pieces of furniture. 

3) Use them as accents

If you’ve got the feel of concrete furniture and you realize that you enjoy the look and feel of them attempt to be innovative and imaginative with the use of them. Concrete furniture, due to their very nature, can be the center of attention, and shines most vibrant when utilized as striking accent pieces. Discover striking shapes, intriguing applications, and awe-inspiring styles when selecting concrete dining tables and furniture. 

4) Don’t expect perfection

Concrete is well-known and loved because of its rough and raw appearance and feel. So, if you’re looking for sleek, clean surfaces, don’t expect to be awed by the look of concrete. While there are ways to make concrete look and feel “perfect”, you’d be better off with other types of materials in case that’s what you’re after. Concrete’s appeal is its diverse and unpredictably random appearance. 

5) Do mix it up

Textures that are complementary and contrast look great when it comes to concrete furniture. With its rough and raw appearance concrete table tops look stunning when paired with warmer, smoother wood textures, or soft pastel shades. Explore contrasts and discover how you can help your concrete furniture improve the appearance of your living spaces. 

Samples Of Concrete Tables

Concrete dining tables are available in a variety of dimensions and shapes. It’s impossible to include all of them within a single list but to give you an notion of how diverse concrete is There are some intriguing designs of tables made out of concrete.

This is a great example to show how well the contrast of textures and how they are when they’re paired. The dining table was constructed making use of concrete that was poured and then molded with reclaimed wood slabs. The texture and grain of the log are perfectly matched perfectly with the smooth gray concrete surface. 

When you’re looking at table tops made of concrete, then you’re bound prefer sleeker, more modern designs. This striking and simple dining table is made of a solid concrete top that is supported by a slick framework from solid wood below.

For dining tables made from concrete It’s not a good idea to make unidimensional pieces oversized. Many issues with transportation and assembly could be encountered. In this instance the manufacturer made two separate pieces and joined them using an edging and a middle piece that is located in the center in the table.

It is also possible to opt for more round shapes in concrete. A round concrete dining table piece like this one is ideal for fancy restaurants. You can even add an accent fireplace in the center because concrete is a sturdy enough substance to withstand the heat of the fire. A concrete top table set can also be a great accent piece to any space.

Tables made from concrete because of their nature being constructed from concrete is also suitable for outdoor use, with nothing to be concerned about. Like wooden tables concrete won’t degrade or rot in severe weather conditions. This set of best concrete outdoor dining table is an excellent use for the outdoor furniture made of concrete.

Concrete Furniture And Dining Tables: Indoor Use Vs. Outdoor Use

Concrete has the remarkable ability of being extremely adaptable and adaptable as a material. It is also extremely robust, durable and weatherproof. It is primarily employed for the exterior of facades of buildings, both as walls and roofs, as well as the surface of exterior flooring, its capacity to withstand all kinds of weather is undeniable. This is particularly useful in climates with four seasons where dramatic shifts in temperature can occur as extreme hot summers and extremely cold, snowy winters. A concrete-topped table for outdoor dining is ideal for this kind of climate.

It’s surely not exaggeration claim that concrete furniture can work well anywhere, whether indoors or outside. There are a few important distinctions however, when deciding the use of concrete tables and furniture outdoors or indoors.

First, there is surface treatment. For outdoor settings (and certain indoor settings, such as those in kitchens) surfaces must be treated. been applied to prevent water from getting through the concrete. If shiny surface finishes don’t appeal to you it is possible to buy concrete furniture with hydrophobic admixtures that are added to its mix.

Then, you must take into consideration the quality of. Most of the time, high-quality, well-crafted furniture is utilized indoors, where its design can be appreciated without getting destroyed by the tough outdoor conditions. It’s just a matter of choosing which concrete furniture features an appealing design that is worthy of keeping in.

The third thing to remember is about the intended purpose. From the beginning, all manufacturers and sellers will offer an explanation or description of the intended purpose for the furniture is. Simply glance at it and check whether the furniture is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Style Tips And Design Considerations On Using A Concrete Dining Table In Interior Spaces

In the majority of cases homeowners will decide to set the concrete tables in the indoors as decorative pieces. With a piece as attractive as concrete dining tables isn’t it hard to see why. If you’re one of the homeowners who have a concrete dining table Here are some practical tips and design ideas when using concrete dining tables in indoor spaces.

1) Take into consideration the cost. Don’t get concerned about how expensive the table looks for the concrete tables for dining. Concrete, due to its characteristic, can be a affordable material. Therefore, if you’re trying to choose between two dining tables made from concrete and the price is the most significant difference, choose the less costly one. There shouldn’t be significant a distinction in terms of quality.

2) Beware to avoid scratches. Particularly in spaces that are populated by activity There is plenty of opportunity for accidental dings and scratches. Concrete in general is fairly sturdy and can handle huge compressive forces fairly well, however it does not perform well when it comes to intense sharp, hard forces. Therefore, keep sharp objects out of concrete, or look for concrete dining tables specifically designed to take the kind of blows that can be thrown at it.

3) Make use of it’s texture. Concrete is renowned for its rough, rough texture. Its rough texture is one of its most appealing features in actual. So, you must ensure your room is in harmony with this style of design. The interior design concepts that lean toward the contemporary industrial, mid-century modern style are ideal to use for dining tables made of concrete.

4) Make them accessories. Concrete furniture and concrete dining tables in particular are awe-inspiring pieces. This is why you’re going to want to utilize them as the primary feature of your dining space. Be cautious not to put in more bold and striking items in a single space as you’ll be at possibility of making the space seem crowded and suffocating. This is why it’s recommended to use concrete tables in rooms with minimalist furniture and decor.

Tips On Shopping For Concrete Dining Tables

If you’ve made the decision to purchase an outdoor concrete table for your house and have figured the style you’re looking for the next step will be to locate a location to purchase the best one for your vision of design. The process of buying furniture is somewhat daunting for certain individuals, so let’s take the burden by looking at some of the things to consider when you’re looking to buy concrete tables.

1.) Consider going online. While it’s always great to be able to view the furniture you want to purchase prior to deciding to buy it, visiting local furniture stores will only go only so far. Online shopping gives you the option of choosing from an endless array of dining tables made from concrete and will allow you to find the perfect furniture piece that’s the perfect fit for your needs. If you’re really looking to customize your dining table, you could consider a DIY concrete dining table.

2.) Select the most comfortable. In terms of customer service, easy access typically gives you an indication of how well-managed a furniture store is. The more convenient access to the product is, the greater the likelihood that the shop has excellent management and high-quality items. Another advantage for shopping online as you can shop from the comfort at home.

3.) Compare, compare, compare. Do not pick your first table made of concrete that you notice. Explore a variety of options before deciding on your preferred piece. Think about price and quality, as well as looks and function.

4.) Pay attention to returns policies. Concrete tables are somewhat heavier than some kinds of tables. Therefore, it’s best to purchase from a seller that has good warranty terms, as well as great return policies in the situation.

5.) Read reviews. There’s no better way to talk about the value of an item than the testimonials from actual customers. Check out reviews online about the concrete tables you’re looking at to see whether there are any particulars or issues in the future that you might have missed.

How To Maintain Concrete Surfaces

After you’ve bought and put in your concrete flooring but your work is not finished. As with all design or furniture regular maintenance is necessary. While concrete may not require as much care like some wood materials or heavy metals that rust However, it needs some tenderness and attention to remain as long as it is able to.

Concrete, however strong and durable it may be, remains porous (and consequently, prone to moisture) material. It is also susceptible of developing stains and discolorations. The first thing to ensure when cleaning the concrete surface is to check to see if a water-resistant finish has been applied. For the majority of surfaces purchased typically, it already has the same finish however it’s still a good idea to double-check.

Another factor to take into consideration is the type of work you perform on your concrete surfaces. Avoid sharp strikes on the surface, as certain types of blows when they are savage enough, can cause cracks and dings to the concrete. Be sure to stay clear of extreme heat sources, such as hot pans and hot pots because doing so could cause discoloration, and if it is not directly on the concrete, but maybe on the top surface on the surface.

Naturally, it’s important to keep acidic as well as volatile substances (like in certain chemicals for cleaning) far from the concrete. This is the case for a lot of substances, and although concrete is able to take the rigors of chemical abuse It’s safer to be to be sorry.

For washing concrete floors, be cautious about applying high-pressure washers frequently. They are great for occasionally washes. However, to prevent rapid deterioration to your concrete surface gentle scrub using soap and water should suffice.

A Final Thought On The Beauty And Rawness Of Concrete Textures On A Dining Table

Concrete countertops and dining tables is a style trend that is rapidly becoming more and more popular within the design industry. Its uniqueness is evident as is its cost-effectiveness. It’s not just a bit appealing, and its flexibility is the reason it’s an absolute king.

So, become the first to innovate in the field of home interior design and join the parade of concrete dining tables immediately. We are confident that you will not regret it.