How to Use Plants in Your Bedroom for Good Feng Shui

Feng shui is a traditional method of looking at your surroundings and connecting them with the natural world to be at peace with everything around us. The most significant element of Feng Shui is to regulate the flow of Qi, which is your life force energy. Two ways to start to work with your qi are to focus on your bedroom and be in touch with plants.

What Bedrooms and Plants Represent

Your bedroom is your representation according to feng shui, and it’s also the most private part of your house. The bedroom is the perfect location to use Feng Shui to enhance your quality of life.

Additionally, they can bring nature inside your home to enjoy the advantages of nature. In Feng Shui, plants symbolize life, energy, vitality and restoration, and growth. They also represent that of wood which is among the five elements in the feng shui. Wood also aids the aspects of kindness, movement, and the ability to move. In addition, everyone loves an excellent home plant!

How to Use Plants in Your Bedroom

One option to incorporate flowers in the bedroom to help improve Feng Shui is to look at the Bagua map of Feng Shui. The feng-shui bagua is an energy-based map, which you can overlay on your house, but most people don’t know that you can also place it directly on your bedroom floor. To accomplish this, sit in the entranceway of your bedroom looking in the direction, and then place the bottom of the map with the doorway to your bedroom. That means your door is in either the Knowledge or Career areas, as well as the Helpful People area. Each one of these areas is associated with various associations, but in general, you could put a plant within your bedroom you wish to increase and stimulate. It’s appealing to be able to work on all the zones simultaneously, but you should stick to one or two that you’d prefer to tackle right now.

The Bagua Areas and What They Represent:

Area for Family: The family area, which is also known as Zhen Zhen in Chinese, is a place that’s associated with family and also new beginnings. If you’d like to bring more harmony within your family, or you’re looking for more help to start new projects, you can put the plant in here.

Area of Wealth: The Wealth area, also known as Xun, refers to prosperity and abundance. If you’d like to see a slower steady, consistent expansion in your wealth, You can choose an established tree and care for it with care. It is possible to search for a gorgeous tree with deep roots and ensure it’s something you can manage.

Fame zone: Li or the fame zone determines how you’re perceived and acknowledged. It’s also linked to the element of fire. The wood element in the form of a plant could help fuel the fire in this region and help to improve your image throughout the world to ensure you’re recognized and not forgotten.

Area of Relationship: The relationship area is also known as Kun. It is a reference to partnerships and relationships. It is possible to add plants here if you are looking to develop your romantic relationship. It is also possible to focus on the relationship aspect if you would like to create a more intimate connection with your mother or if you want to increase feminine energy.

Children’s area: Besides children, the site is associated with the completion process. It’s known as “Dui,” the language of Chinese. If you require help with an assignment or want to assist your children gently, consider placing an ornamental plant in this area.

Helpful People Area: If you want to attract more helpful and cheerful people into your lives, it is possible to include a plant in the area of people who can be beneficial, also known as the Qian. The use of this area could aid in attracting more masculine energy or improve your relationship with your father.

The area of your career: The career area known as “Kan” in Chinese is also connected to your wisdom and the path you take through your life. If you want to increase your knowledge or improve your career, consider putting an ornamental plant in this part of your bedroom.

Knowledge Area: The knowledge area, often called Gen is a part of spirituality, abilities, and self-cultivation. You might want to put the plant in this area if you would like to develop your skills or spiritual practice.

How to Select and Care for Your Plant

Whatever place you decide to put plants inside your home, be sure that you choose a plant that can be cared for effectively. Select a plant that can maintain and which can thrive in the environment that you have in your home. If you pick one that is a fan of sunlight, for instance, but you have just one tiny window in the bedroom, then it probably does not fare very well! After you’ve picked and planted the plant, ensure you know what it needs and then take care of it by your needs. Different plants require various things in regard to watering, humidity, fertilizer, as well as drainage.

If you’re unsure of which plants to start with, Our top plants for bedrooms include the monstera plant, Chinese money-making plant gold pothos, and Chinese money plant. (Pothos is particularly good for those who are new to plants!)