How to Bring Good Feng Shui Into Your Home Office

In the feng shui, the elements of your house represent different aspects that are part of you. The desk and office, for instance, are directly connected to your work. If you’re looking to increase your professional life, you might consider taking a closer look at the activities within this area of your home and then make changes to align more with your plans.

When planning to set up your workspace for the first time or refresh your current space, here are a few Feng Shui tips to optimize your workspace efficiency at home.

Make Sure You Have a Desk

In the first place, ensure that you have a designated desk that represents an established career. This is ideal if you can place your workstation in a room where you can work only. But it’s not always feasible. If you have to set up the desk in a multi-purpose space, consider a different room than your bedroom. Having your desk in your bedroom may distract you while you work, making it difficult to wind down in the evening. If a desk in your bedroom is your only option, take whatever you can to partition the room with a partition, bookcase, or curtain, and clear your office supplies when you’re done with every day.

Position Your Desk for Success

Also, you should ensure that your desk is in control or commanding position. This means you’ll be able to see the entrance to the room when you’re working at your desk but not directly to the door. This makes you feel more at ease with your career and life because you can detect anything in the process of approaching. The command posture also operates subconsciously, even if you aren’t expecting visitors to your office at home.

If you cannot arrange your desk in that manner, you could place your desk on a mirror to ensure that you’re viewing the mirrors of your door as you are in your office. Moving your workstation is recommended. However, you should do it when you can!

Create Good Flow

Be attentive to the flow of your office at home. Are there enough spaces between your workspace and desk? Are there any obstacles that keep you from stepping into your desk in a short time? These could be blocks, or it could mean you’re making life unnecessarily difficult for you. If you spot any physical barriers or obstructions, look for ways to remove them or move them. You’d like to get your desk set up and work with ease and be able to allow room for you to expand.

Choose the Best Desk

When choosing a suitable desk, you should pick one that’s sturdy and solid and will help you build more stability in your work. Also, ensure the desk is large enough to allow you to work comfortably. You should avoid desks with glass surfaces for work, as ideas and plans can easily slide through and become lost.

Desk Blotter

You could also include a desk blotter to enhance earth elements like grounding and stability. Select a hue you’re attracted to, or choose one that is based on the component you wish to draw into:

The part of water: Black for intuition, wisdom, and social connections.

Wood elements Blue or green to encourage growth, new beginnings, and renewal.

Earth elementYellow and brown to provide boundaries, nourishment, and the ability to deliver.

Metallic element White for accuracy, organization, and beauty.

Features of Fire: Red for inspiration, passion, recognition, and inspiration.

Choose a Supportive Chair

Choose a chair with a high back that will give you more support for your job. Be sure to choose a chair that you feel comfortable in! If you’d like to consider the five color elements listed above, select one that reflects the component you want to bring into your workplace.

Use the Bagua on Your Desk

You may be aware of the feng shui bagua. It is a mandala made up of eight different areas that are arranged around a central. It’s usually placed on top of rooms or homes, but applying to desks is also a good idea. The Bagua laid out on your desk could provide clues about what’s happening throughout your professional life. One thing to take note of is the areas where clutter can accumulate. For instance, Do things tend to pile in the corner of wealth and abundance at the top left? This could indicate that your wealth is connected to other assets. Do you often have clutter in the upper right-hand corner? Does it seem tied to relationships? This could indicate a stumbling block in your relationships or partnership. What about the middle area, the most congested? The area that is referred to as the area of fame and recognition. This could mean that you’re not getting credit or attention for the work that you are doing.

Activate the Wealth Corner

One of the zones of the Bagua feng shui is the abundance and wealth corner, also known as Xun to the Chinese. This is a very sought-after area, and activating it can bring more prosperity and wealth to come to you. To locate the wealthiest corner of your workplace, stand at the front door facing the inside and look for the corner on the left that is closest to your body. It is also possible to locate the most prosperous corner of your desk by the same method. This is particularly beneficial if your workspace is a multifunctional or shared room. To make the wealth corner active, Try placing amethyst or zirconium crystals with the intention of.

Boost the Fame Area

The area of fame and recognition The fame and recognition area, also known as Li in Chinese, is connected to the way you’re perceived and perceived by other people. To discover it, visualize an overlapping three-by-three grid on your office or desktop. The fame zone is the central part of the side of your desk when looking into your office or on your workstation. If you feel that you’re often overlooked at work and would like to be more recognized in your job or are involved in a project that needs more recognition and visibility, This could be an excellent place to make it. This can be accomplished by putting something red on this area of your workplace or desk or including the appearance of a plant in your home.