Desk Organization Ideas for a More Productive Workspace

It’s hard to focus on your work at the desk when you have piles of files and forms or paper clips that are a mess of different sizes and Post-it notes strewn on the desk. For many of us, the cleanliness of our workspace directly affects how we think. A variety of easy solutions can help you get rid of a messy desk and clutter in your mind.

Please look at our list below of the top 40 Desk organization ideas that span everything from your desk to your drawers to keep you organized (and efficient).

Beautify Your Storage Containers

Aesthetics matter. What else could cause people to spend more for the gorgeous gold stapler from Target instead of the standard black stapler? Be aware of this when looking for storage containers for your office. Select options that are attractive and practical.

Keep Your Desktop Clear

One of the most accessible desk organizing tips you can employ is to ensure that your desk stays free of clutter. This tip is crucial in times when you’re not working. When you’re done working for a long time, ensure that your workspace is free of clutter so you can take a step back from your work physically and mentally.

Choose Ergonomic Furniture

If you’re looking to build the perfect workspace for efficiency, posture and comfort are essential. That said, select furniture that can help your body and mind. You might want to consider a standing desk as well as, in addition, an ergonomic chair for your office.

Pick Simple Storage for Your Kid’s Desk

If you think keeping an office in your home isn’t easy, imagine how difficult the task can be for children. Desk organization isn’t an easy task for children. However, there are a lot of ways to keep them tidy. For example, picking simple storage solutions such as these plastic tubs will aid in helping your children clean up easily.

Keep the Clutter Out of Your Eyeliner

Perhaps your job requires you to keep your folders and files close, making desk organization difficult. If this is the case, attempt to organize your workspace so that clutter remains away from your vision. In this instance, most folders and files are in the back of the office chair and on the wall. Only essential or urgent documents are on the office desk.

Add a Little Color

Some prefer neutral tones and soft colors in their workspaces to keep them focused. Some prefer adding a splash of color for inspiration while they work. Look at your design style and build an office that aligns with your style and preferences.

Keep Documents Close, But Hidden

The most effective way to overwhelm yourself before sitting down to work is to overflow your desk with papers. Make some space for the documents, such as cabinets or drawers. This will allow you to stay focused on a single task at one time.

Hide Any Exposed Wires

There’s nothing more annoying than throwing a bunch of wires beneath your desk or accidentally pulling plugs out of the wall socket as you work. Another idea for desk organization to keep your desk organized is to make sure your electronics are hidden. Cover up your charger cables, power strips, and more.

Create Zones Within Your Home Office

By the type of work you perform depending on the kind of work you do, it might be sensible to separate work areas in your home office. For instance, you can use an L-shaped desk similar to this one and use one site for work and the other for household things, ranging from crafting to bills.

Add Comfortable Seating

If you have space, consider adding some comfy furniture for your office. If you feel overwhelmed on your workstation, move into a comfortable couch or a loveseat. Sometimes, a change in the decor can be all you need to help you get off the ground.

Add Some Greenery

Plants in the indoor environment can add life to the dull office. A few pops of greenery will create a calm atmosphere at work, similar to organizing. When you go for watering your plant, you should also take the time to tidy your desk.

Invest in Quality Storage

It’s easy to choose an ordinary cardboard storage container and a folder organizer constructed from plastic, to save some money. However, spending your money on low-quality storage containers is likely to break and bend when you put them through the stress of your task. Make sure you invest in top-quality storage to avoid this problem.

Hide the electronics

We’ve discussed the importance of concealing cables and cords But what about more giant electronic gadgets? If your workplace is spacious, consider whether you can put away your tablet, laptop, and other devices after your day. This is a great option to keep your mind off your work once the clock is set to five.

Utilize Your Wall Space

There aren’t any desks that can fit your stuff; in fact, most will not. If this is the case for your office at home, there are many innovative ways to boost your storage capacity. One of them is to utilize wall space to create simple organizers such as these.

Purchase a Rolling Storage Cart

If you’re not a fan of drilling holes into your wall to create storage space, another method to organize your desk is to use an utilitarian incline cart. It is possible to access this handy shelf at any time you want and then take it into a closet or under your desk after your day.

Utilize the Closet for Clutter

Is your desk located in an unutilized closet? Perhaps it’s the right time to put that area to use. Utilize your wardrobe as an extension to your desk. It can store less appealing items, such as your scanner or printer, and put away things you don’t require access to regularly.