Our Favorite Blue Bedroom Color Schemes

Make your home a peaceful retreat with soothing shades of blue, or create a dramatic effect with a striking splash of cobalt. The blue color is a classic for bedrooms that you won’t regret. It works well with neutrals and more vibrant colors and goes perfectly with any design style, from contemporary to traditional. Please find out how to incorporate this color into your home using our best blue bedroom designs.

Light-Blue Bedrooms

Light blue walls are a fantastic way to create a fresh and clean bedroom appearance. They are a great way to add color without overwhelming and provide a calm ambiance. Keep the blue hue throughout the space using pattern-patterned curtains, blue-and-white bedding, and paintings. The combination of light blue and neutrals, like the bamboo shades for windows and cream-colored upholstery headboard, creates an equilibrium and a multi-layered appearance.

Blue Bedroom Accents

If you’re not planning to paint your bedroom walls blue, The best option to bring color into the room is to use window treatments. The rich teal window panel and valance in this principal bedroom add refined drama to a neutral space and draw the eye upwards to create a feeling of height. The Blue velvet pillows are an elegant decoration to the bed and help make the room appear bright.

Blue and Orange Bedroom

Choose dark navy and intense orange to create a vivid and elegant bedroom color scheme. Orange and blue are complementary colors opposite on the wheel of colors, which means they’ll always look stunning together. Do not be afraid to use two vibrant colors in the same space, but make sure to use them in moderation and combine them with soothing neutrals with a texture of harmony.

Blue and White Bedroom

In this predominantly neutral bedroom, the blue tones provide only enough hue to create interest and keep the space fresh and airy. Indigo throw pillows and square-shaped poufs give an accent of color and pattern, while the seagrass rug assists in grounding the room by adding natural texture. A chandelier with beaded beads provides the room with a more extensive look, drawing the eye towards the ceiling.

Traditional Blue Bedroom

A bedroom with white and blue is a timeless design. Wallpaper with patterns creates the mood for the focal point in this space: a tall royal blue bed with an upholstered headboard. A bed skirt in blue frames the bed, and crisp white bedding lights the room and provides an elegant finish.

Cool Blue Accents

Make your bedroom a peaceful retreat using cool greys, soft whites, and soft blues. The soft colors and tone-on tone design give this space an elegant, hotel-like elegance. The blue-striped comforter and pattern throw pillows provide a subtle contrast. A comfortable white sofa and the sculptural light fixture add texture. A wooden nightstand with a light finish brings warmness to cool hues.

The bedroom has a Blue Ceiling

A ceiling with blue wallpaper is a unique addition that gives the bedroom a dark, dramatic look. This bedroom’s rich teal-colored walls and the striking chandelier add to the feeling of drama, and so is the stark contrast between the white and crisp bedding. When using vibrant shades, textures, such as bamboo window blinds and soft faux fur pillows, are an excellent method to inject some warmth while reducing the intensity of hues.

Rustic Blue-and-White Bedroom

Throw blankets and accent pillows can be used to add the color of your home in small doses. Rustic wood pieces, a landscape painting, and a shiplap-covered wall can make the white-colored bedroom appear comfortable and warm. The floor-length curtains can help to break up the vibrant barriers with blue.

Eclectic Blue Bedroom

Sometimes, it’s more like this edgy blue bedroom shows. Various patterns, colors, and textures give a natural, collected appearance. Multiple shades of blue are utilized throughout the room on walls, in area rug, furniture, and even accents. Pink accents on the carpet and throw pillows lighten the room and add a touch of fun.

The bedroom is inspired by nature and has blue accents

There is no need to paint walls to create the look of a blue bedroom. Sometimes, a small splash of color in the shape of throw pillows, blankets, or an area rug with a pattern can transform an area. When paired with a wooden nightstand and bed frame with hanging baskets, solid white bedding, and walls, The blue accents provide an element of calm without interfering with the neutral style.

Colorful Blue Bedroom

The deep teal walls, bright pink, mustard yellow, and crisp white give this bedroom a lively look. White bedding, a pouf, and a nightstand break up the vibrant shades and provide a striking contrast. A wicker chair softens the bright colors and provides the natural elements to this boho-inspired bedroom.

The bedroom has blue and white accents.

A way to incorporate the color scheme of the space is through pattern. Blue hues in this classic bedroom are visible on the lampshade with a striped design, the patterned throw pillows, and even the nightstand’s artwork. The area rug in solid blue assists in anchoring the room and stands out against white furniture and walls.

Elegant Blue Bedroom

Navy blue and white is an iconic color combination. The dark navy grasscloth wallpaper creates an impressive backdrop for this tufted headboard, allowing it to be the main focal point in the bedroom. A huge-scale floral-print rug can break up the solid walls and continue the blue hue.

Dark Blue Bedroom

The deep royal blue walls make the ideal background for an eclectic mix of furniture, artwork, and décor in this dark bedroom. White lampshades and frames with gilded accents make a statement on the dark walls. White bedding and bright throw pillows help break up the vibrant hues, connecting the white lampshades in the cabinets that flank the bed. When you cannot find the space for an elegant nightstand, think about having a tray table like this brass and acrylic version.