Professionals do 11 things to eliminate bad kitchen odors

Kitchens are the most likely to have bad smells in a house. The kitchen is usually the source of lingering odors in the home, whether it’s from cooking or the trash. How can you get rid of bad smells from your kitchen?

It is not just for your own sake that you should banish bad kitchen smells. It is essential to maintain a clean, fresh-smelling space in the kitchen for the sake of the overall atmosphere and the creation of the ideal cooking and entertaining area.

There are many things you can try to eliminate bad cooking smells. Here’s what experts suggest.

How To Banish Bad Kitchen Odors For Good

Cleaning experts have been asked for their tips on how to maintain a nice kitchen smell and eliminate bad odors.


Cleaning your kitchen as you go is the easiest way to keep it smelling fresh.

When you prepare a meal, you should wash all the pots you use and any cooking utensils. Wash the dishes after eating and put them away. Throw away any scraps immediately. Clear the kitchen and wipe down the counters. He assures that these little tasks will go a long way in keeping the smells to a minimum.

DHUMIDIFY Your Kitchen

Excess moisture is the most common cause of a musty smell in bathrooms and kitchens. Mark Le, professional cleaner for GetBetterClean, says that moisture in the air can lead to mold and mildew growth. The fungal growth can cause persistent smells and, in some cases, even sickness.

He suggests that you should wipe down the counters, stovetop, and sink every time after use. It is much easier to stop mold than to remove black mold.

You can keep moisture away from your kitchen if you have an extractor fan that is not working well or if you have a damp, humid environment.

DEODORIZE Your Kitchen with Vinegar

You may have heard about the deodorizing properties of vinegar when trying to make your home smell nice. Or a bowl of white vinegar left next to your stove can be used to help break down the odors in your kitchen.

These two miracle ingredients are great for cleaning and deodorizing. Mark Le, an expert in cleaning, suggests that you can use these ingredients to remove odors from your microwave, refrigerator, oven, and sink.

This white vinegar, with its 6% acidity, lifts dirt and breaks down mineral deposits, lime scale, and grease. It also deodorizes to create a clean, fresh space.


Gretchen Boyd is a cleaning professional and the president of NYC House Cleaners. She says that when you cook, scents such as smoke and steam are released into the air. This can cause your kitchen to smell bad.

Installing an exhaust fan or range hood in your kitchen will help maintain the proper ventilation. These devices work by drawing in air from your kitchen and releasing any steam or odors that shouldn’t exist outside. You can also think about opening a window or adding one if you already have one to help with the flow.

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Gretchen Boyd is proud to run a cleaning business that offers excellent house cleaning services for residents and businesses throughout New York, including the five boroughs.