How to properly get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen according to pest control professionals

Nobody wants to discover cockroaches in their kitchen cabinets. They are unpleasant, they can worsen asthma and allergies, and they make your kitchen unhygienic.

We spoke to pest control professionals about the best ways to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen, as well as preventative measures and cleaning tips. Pest control experts gave us the best advice on how to eliminate cockroaches from the kitchen. They also provided cleaning instructions and preventive measures to keep them away.

You can use a variety of methods to eliminate cockroaches naturally. There are also special products designed to kill the roaches, their eggs, and other roaches.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in the Kitchen

If you see a cockroach running across the floor of your kitchen, there may be more lurking. Matt Smith, a pest control expert, explains that cockroaches like to hide in dark places because they enjoy the pressure. They only come out to eat and move from hiding place to hiding area.

Matt Smith a pest control expert with 14 years of experience in the industry, is Matt Smith. Green Pest Management is a Delaware-based pest management company that Matt Smith founded nine years ago. His background and experience have given him a good understanding of the different types of pests and their activity. He also knows how to deal with pest infestations.

Identify the source

You may not know where cockroaches come from at first, but once you identify the source, it will be easier to eliminate them. Pests can enter your home through plumbing, grocery bags, used books, or small cracks and doorways.

“One of the keys for stopping the cockroach’s reproduction is to stop the eggs from being laid.”

He recommends using IGRs (Insect Growth Regulators) such as Gentrol or Tekko Pro.

Why do cockroaches suddenly appear?

Like silverfish roaches, they are attracted to moisture, warmth, and food. Derek Carter, a pest expert, says that cockroaches prefer to emerge at night. You may not see them until you have an infestation, and then they start to appear during the day.

Try other deterrents

Lauren Doss recommends using natural compounds like boric acid and diatomaceous Earth at Walmart to help to keep the roaches away by creating an environment that is less comfortable for them. Diatomaceous Earth can also be used in the garden to keep away slugs and aphids. Baking soda can be used as a roach killer.

Call a Professional

Fumigation can be expensive and requires you to leave your home for the duration of the process. However, it is an option worth considering if you have an infestation.