Small pantry ideas: 7 ways to create a pantry even in the smallest of spaces

Pantry Ideas tend to be associated with large kitchens. When we think of a “pantry,” we often picture a walk-in pantry filled from top to bottom with produce. But there are also many ways that you can integrate a pantry in a Small Kitchen.

Explore our space-saving, creative designs for small pantry designs in your home. From tall, thin designs that fit into awkward alcoves to shelving that makes the most of wall space, we have a variety of options.

Best Small Pantry Ideas

Tom Howley is a kitchen designer who says that there are no rules for kitchen design. Your kitchen should be suited to you and your lifestyle.

Pantry designs are a staple of the kitchen. From slim solutions to our double pantry ideas that will blow you away, you can choose storage options that work best for you. You can choose to have more drawers or spice racks. Or you could close the door on your breakfast mess.

Discover how to make your pantry work for you with our small pantry ideas. Our experts have provided helpful tips on organization and the best shapes and styles of pantry.

Tom Howley launched the luxury British Kitchen brand in 2004. Tom Howley has showrooms all over the country. They specialize in installing beautiful, bespoke designs made from the finest materials.

Opt For A Tall, Slim Pantry

Choose tall and thin instead of big and wide! No rules exist on the size of a pantry. Instead of trying to make space where none exists, opt for a sleeker design.

Richard Davonport is the founder and managing director of Davonport Kitchens. He says that even small kitchens benefit from having a pantry cabinet. The organization it offers helps to keep the rest of the kitchen clutter-free while freeing up space in other cupboards for other essentials. To make the most of your pantry in a small kitchen, you need to ensure that the design of the closet is organized and includes different areas for various items.

The narrow pantry from Davonport Kitchens, as shown in the green kitchen below, fits into the small space next to the ovens, cabinets, and matching shelves. It has been designed with a mixture of dark wood racks, shelves, and drawers, creating multiple storage areas within the smaller design.

Richard DavonportFounder & Managing Director at Davonport Kitchens

Richard Davenport is a furniture designer and cabinet maker who has a Distinction. He learned from his father Aubrey Davonport – an honorary member of the British Woodcarvers Association – and then set up his workshop. Later, he created the Davonport, specializing in bespoke kitchen furnishings.

Alcoves Can Be Used To Their Full Potential

You can make the most of small, unused spaces by incorporating a small pantry into a nook in your kitchen.

The pantry from Tom Howley Kitchens is cleverly placed in the small space adjacent to the fridge. This allows for the organization of dry, frozen, and fresh food within a single zone.

Keep Your Small Pantry Neat and Tidy

Organizing your pantry will help you make the most of a small area. From labeling jars and baskets to grouping foods and drinks by type and expiration date, creating an organized pantry system and creating a more orderly pantry design can make a space feel spacious and easier to use.

Shea McGee, an interior designer renowned for her pantry organization ideas, shares with us how she maintains a neat space.

To keep things organized, we used a combination of bins, containers, baskets, and glass jars.

Jars and canisters are a great way to make your kitchen and pantry look more elegant and display even the most basic ingredients.

Shea McGee and her husband, Syd founded their iconic design firm, Studio McGee, in 2014. In 2014, Shea McGee and her husband Syd founded Studio McGee, an iconic design firm.

Bi-folding pantry design is a great way to save space

The bi-folding pantry is one of the 2023 Kitchen Trends that Annie Tullett from Tom Howley Kitchens loves.

It’s a must-have for every kitchen. It’s hard not to be impressed by its unwavering versatility. Not only will you experience the ‘Narnia’s Wardrobe’ feeling when you first open the doors and see how much storage is available, but there are also endless functional possibilities.

It can be used as a Breakfast Bar every morning by storing the coffee machine and toaster away. Then, for an evening soirée, you can turn it into a Cocktail Bar – arrange the mixers and spirits and stack the glasses with the garnish ingredients on top.

A bi-folding door is a good design element to include in a small space, such as a kitchen galley. It can be used to cover your pantry’s contents and make it appear more organized.

Annie Tullett, a graduate of Arts University Bournemouth in the UK, has been working as a kitchen designer at Tom Howley since 2021. She was previously an interior designer for the British brand Neptune.

Use Your Ancillary Spaces

You can create a walk-in pantry in a small kitchen by using the adjacent spaces, like a utility or laundry room.

Tom Howley says that a busy lifestyle can be difficult. The demands of work, family, and leisure have never been greater. Any help that we can receive to make life easier is welcome. It is well-deserved that the engine room in your home has this name. The small utility is a room that can be designed to include a washer, tumble dryer, and sink. It may also have a space for clothesmaidens and an ironing board.

Shelving Made Simple

This neutral design kitchen was designed by Alice Lane Interior Design. We love the open pantry that has been placed in a space slightly apart from the main kitchen area.

It is easy to transform your kitchen’s look and functionality by simply adding some shelving.

Browse our ideas for pantry shelving to get more inspiration.

Create a Pantry that Fits Your Routine

It may seem simple, but you should consider what exactly you will be using this additional space for. Does it only store dried foods? Kitchenware? Breakfast food? What about tableware or accessories for entertaining? You may not be able to fit everything in your pantry if you are limited by space. Sorry to tell you this! It’s important to determine the purpose of your pantry.

After you have determined why you want a pantry and what you can fit into it, you will be able to design a functional and organized pantry that will meet your daily needs.

A modern, family-friendly kitchen requires plenty of storage. When designed and organized to fit your daily routine, a breakfast pantry can be extremely valuable. The pantry can be designed to accommodate your whole morning routine, including a coffee maker, toaster, and storage for everyday crockery. There are also many cereals for kids and options for storage. Tom Howley says that the best part is you can hide all the clutter and mess behind closed doors once you are done.